Infected men get unilateral Varicocele, what?

Infected men get unilateral Varicocele, what?

The virtual world is full of stories virus one person Men he has a varicocele. What is a varicocele?

This situation happened to a Bekasi man who was affected varicocele since adolescence. This condition causes cells to feel one sided.

What is a varicocele?

Varicocele is a condition where the veins in the scrotum are enlarged. These blood vessels supply blood to the male reproductive glands.

The scrotum itself is the part that looks like a bag. It is in the testis, behind the penis. Inflammation preserves many nerves and blood vessels.

Concentrate A healthy line, varicocele can cause decreased sperm production and quality. In some cases, this condition can reduce the size of the placenta, causing infertility.

However, varicocele is not a condition. This condition occurs in 15 percent of adult men and 35 percent of infertile men. Generally, this condition occurs in men aged 15-25.

As with human varicocele, this condition often occurs during puberty or adolescence.

The cause of varicocele is that sometimes blood does not flow through the veins as it should. Instead, blood begins to pool in the veins and causes swelling.

Symptoms of varicocele

Banana as a symbol of the male penis in the hand on the yellow color that is hidden by identification.  Sexual masturbation and ejaculation, impotence problem.  The goal of personal well-being.Example. The virtual world is buzzing with the story of a man suffering from varicocele. (iStockphoto/Andrii Zastrozhnov)

Varicoceles generally occur on the left side of the scrotum. Although rare, there are some symptoms of varicocele that you can watch out for. Here’s the quote Mayo Clinic.

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1. Pain

Pain or discomfort is more common when you get up even during the day. Lying down usually helps reduce the pain.

2. Swelling in the throat

The lump will appear above the groin if the varicocele is large enough. However, lumps are generally not large in cases of small varicoceles.

3. Small size of gold

You can also control the size of the can. If your cells are smaller than normal, you may have a varicocele.

4. Infertility

This condition is a long-term effect of varicocele. However, not all cases of varicocele can cause infertility.

If you experience symptoms such as male varicocele above, you are advised to consult a doctor immediately. The doctor will do the research and determine the appropriate treatment.


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