Indonesia Sends Delegates To World Cup

Indonesia Sends Delegates To World Cup

The Salon & Color Competition, the world’s largest competition and competition for professional hairdressers organized by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, returns in 2022. With 65 events, this is a professional competition. hairdressers the longest in the world. In Indonesia, this is the 9th time that SCT is held.

This year, “French Editor” became the theme of Style & Color of 2022. Hair stylists challenge to create cover their version of the best magazine, with the creation of hair color French Balayage or French Glossing, filled with style according to their creation.

“Style & Color Edition is open to all professional hairdressers and is now available digitally, so it can reach more talent from all over Indonesia. Professional hairdressers are challenged to showcase their skills and abilities in creating A unique French balayage or French gloss, which can be executed to perfection.” Jelas Indra Tanudarma, Head of Education L’Oréal Professionnel.

And here are the winners of the 2022 Indonesia National Style & Colors Trophy who will compete!

Riki & Tavin (Irwan Team Hairdesign Salon)

Indonesia Sends Best Representation for World’Oreal Professional

Hold on Professional hairdresser at the same time trainer in Irwan Team. And he color master with technical skills French Balayage.
Tavin alone color master at the same time Assistant Coach Irwan Team, also a member French Balayage Squad. Despite L’Oréal Certified Colorist and he is writing skills.

Their theme for the 2022 Style & Color Competition is French Eclectic. Riki and Tavin were inspired by the image of a French woman who is not afraid to take risks, shows courage, and has an edge. surgical. Eclectic things style gives the total look of technology from different fields.

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For the hair look, Riki and Tavin used them French Balayage to create a natural hair look too surgical which is believed to strengthen the trends and become attractive to Indonesian women’s hair color. Riki and Tavin use technology the original painting of Balayage which is the basis of technology Balayage those that exist today are rarely used hairdresser in Indonesia.

1st Gunner Up National SCT 2022, Deden Rustandi & Rolly (Haircode Salon)

Indonesia Sends Best Representation for World’Oreal Professional

Deden Rustandi hairdresser at Haircode Salon Lippo Mall Kemang, and a member French Balayage Squad. Rolly yes hairdresser same to you French Balayage pro-colorist at Haircode Salon Kota Kasablanka.

Take the theme “Complete Complete” Perfection is a subject that women tend to pursue, including beauty perfection. In fact, there will always be failure. Borrowing the Javanese philosophy of kasampurnaning urip which means the perfection of life which can only be achieved if we live truly and accept the weakness in ourselves.

2nd Gunner Up National SCT 2022, Lie Kuang & Co Salon

Indonesia Sends Best Representation for World’Oreal Professional

Amin Putra is Soediro and Wiwid with colored hair at Lie Kuang & Co Salon Semarang. Amin won the L’Oréal Professionnel Style and Color Trophy 2019 in the Editorial category, while Wiwid was a finalist in the 2019 Editorial Award category. Colored Youth at the same event.

The topic that was raised “The Impression” – Amin and Wiwid create beauty through content cut, color, and style. Take a look surgical but it shows quality and comfort. Inspiration from a designer The famous French, Thierry Mugler, in bringing the spirit of women.

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SCT 2022 National Audience Award, Purwanto & Dwi (Alfons Group Style)

Indonesia Sends Best Representation for World’Oreal Professional

Purwanto and Dwi hairdressers from Alfons Group Salon. Purwanto da with colored hair at Alfons Salon Lotte Avenue, Jakarta, and a member French Balayage Squad. Currently, I am Gusti Dwi Pertindo hairdresser at Haircode Salon AEON Mall BSD which has L’Oréal Color Certificate and it is Top 15 France Balayage Squad 2021.

Congratulations on competing and hoping for Indonesia’s name in the international arena, yes!

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