Incognito, a code for guests to hide their identity while staying at a hotel

Incognito, a code for guests to hide their identity while staying at a hotel

You are probably one of the people who live there a lot hotel. But, did you know that there is actually a code to hide your identity The guest of the hotel during the session?

When you need privacy when visiting a hotel, you can ask for a position incognito guest to the hotel staff at the time check in. This will keep your location private.

So, what exactly is incognito? When speaking in English, Incognito means a solid name or a synonym unfamiliar or not known.

The word incognito uses a foreign language, but because the hotel system in Indonesia has adopted the west, the word used has become standard and the same as hotels in the world.

Incognito is the status of a guest who stays, but requests privacy or is seen as never staying at the hotel, depending on the guest’s request.

So, when check in from hotelthe need of the mouth incognito guest from in front of the office. Thus, privacy is absolute for the guest and the hotel will not share the guest’s information with anyone who asks.

Guests who do not want their location at the hotel to be known use this number. But make no mistake, if you are a criminal, the hotel will continue to cooperate in revealing your identity to the police.

Picture of a hotel roomPicture of a hotel room. (Photo: davidlee770924/Pixabay)

The Director of Business Communication Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, Aulianty Fellina, affirmed that the request of an unknown guest is a guest’s right. This policy also applies to hotels in Indonesia. “Every foreigner has the right to request incognito status,” said Aulianty.

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There are many reasons why foreigners wear it incognito guest. However, what is clear is that five-star hotels really maintain privacy and prioritize the comfort of their guests, so they won’t ask guests why.

To apply for a position incognito guest and no additional fees were requested from the hotel. Therefore, your privacy will be protected look then


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