IN2IT group changes name – K-GEN

IN2IT group changes name – K-GEN

IN2IT changes its name!

IN2IT was founded in 2016 after the survival “BOYS24” and debuted in October 2017.

Originally a group of eight members, IN2IT had lost two following the departure of Jinsub and Sunghyun in September 2019. In February 2020, the other members terminated their contract with MMO Entertainment and IN2IT now continues its career independently.

Recently we could see the group appearing in the survival “PEAK TIME” on JTBC, a survival highlighting groups that have already started but didn’t have success. Unfortunately, IN2IT was eliminated in the first round, but the appearance of the group apparently gave them a second wind.

In fact, on March 16, IN2IT announced the resumption of its activities, initially with a name change.

The new name of the group is now SKYE.

According to the given description, it is a combination of “SKY” (heaven) and “E” for emotion, which represents the desire of boys to convey different emotions through music since the sky has different weather types.

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