In which country do you need an international driver’s license?

In which country do you need an international driver’s license?

Are you planning a trip and planning to get around by car on your own? Here you need a “different” driver’s license.

If you are planning to drive your own car on a future trip, be aware that there are countries where your French driver’s license will suffice and others where you will need an international driver’s license.

In which country does my driver’s license suffice?

Please note that your driver’s license may be sufficient throughout Europe. Since traffic between the states is free, this also applies to the permit. A total of 31 countries in the European Economic Area will not ask you for any other paper. The same applies to certain countries outside of Europe, such as the United States.
Please note what you are told here applies to stays of less than 3 months. As soon as it is a longer stay, the rule changes.

In India or Australia you need this permit. To be on the safe side and not get trapped there, it’s best to get closer to the embassies. But tell yourself that an international driver’s license may be required to rent a car.

Finally, the last category of countries: the one where none of your papers are recognized and where you have to apply for a driver’s license. This is the case, for example, in China.

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The application for a permit can be made online or in the prefecture and sub-prefecture with the deadlines known to us today. But this can change depending on the region: In Paris only by post, other departments only at the counter. Once acquired, it is valid for 3 years and must be presented at an inspection in the same way as the French driver’s license.

What documents do we need to provide?

  • completed and signed the Cerfa application form no. 14881*01
  • a color photocopy of both sides of your valid French driver’s license
  • 2 photos
  • a double-sided color photocopy of an identity document