In the name of God, Koreans are reacting to South Korea’s biggest cult documentary, JMS

In the name of God, Koreans are reacting to South Korea’s biggest cult documentary, JMS

The March 3 Netflix documentary In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal (hereafter In the Name of God) begins with a shocking revelation on a JMS recording that left your ears in doubt from the start at.


The name JMS was very popular among students in the 1980s, it was the name of a new church and Christian religious movement led by the ” charismatic Jeong Myeong-seok. Young men and women flocked to the church for religious and spiritual interests as well as for their relatively liberal ideologies.

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However, the world of all JMS followers was rocked when their leader Myeong-seok was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2008 for raping three of his followers. Although Myeong-seok’s sentence has now expired and the man continues to be a free preacher, allegations of sexual misconduct have not stopped.

How did Jyeong Myeong-seok take advantage of his female followers?

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After founding Jesus Morning Star (JMS) Church in 1980, Jyeong Myeong-seok first tried to preach religion to gain popularity among young people. Targeting colleges and universities, it garnered interest and support by hosting sporting and entertainment events that immediately appealed to teenagers and young adults.

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Although the JMS is a religious group, it is not as strict and conservative as other churches when it comes to dress and behavior. But Myeong-seok’s real intention was more dangerous: he began portraying himself as the second coming of Christ. The JMS interpreted the Bible as a symbolic record of more probable events and principles to be followed, and used numerology heavily to make grand statements.

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Jyeong Myeong-seok is known for predicting the outcome of South Korea’s presidential election not only in terms of the winner but also in terms of detailed ranking (first, second, and third). Blessed with an aura and charm that many revere, Myeong-seok has also preached outside of South Korea. However, this decision to go abroad was made for a different reason.

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Allegations of sexual assault and harassment against the self-proclaimed man of God began to mount around 1999. More than a hundred followers were allegedly raped by the religious leader, who kept telling them they were doing God’s work. Jyeong Myeong-seok also reportedly told some of his close followers that he was on a mission to have sex with 10,000 women.

Jeong Myeong-Seok jms women cult documentary netflix

Although he preached to his followers to refrain from such carnal acts, the man called himself “pure Adam,” meaning he had no problem having sex with his followers. The whole arrangement was such that most women willingly agreed to meet their chief in private to be blessed by him.

Sexual exploitation was almost institutionalized, with each individual having a role to play. Upon exposure of these deeds, Jyeong Myeong-seok immediately fled South Korea and the JMS officially declared that his preaching was now international.

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The documentary has become a hot topic in Korea since its release last week as it reveals shocking footage of sexual assault by Christian Gospel Mission (JMS) leader Jung Myung Seok. In Korean online communities, netizens wrote:

  • I remember watching a documentary about JMS when I was younger, so I’m shocked people still fall for it. Of course I know that the responsibility lies with the person doing the scam, but if even after all this information you continue to believe their lies, don’t you have some responsibility?
  • Sects are still alive and ubiquitous today… There are others like Chungong and Jun Kwang Hoon, etc…
  • I was so angry watching I couldn’t believe someone like him is still alive and well to this day
  • I remember watching an older documentary about this when I was younger…and I still remember part about how a sexually abused member’s parents refused to take him to the hospital because they continued to believe he was would cure them… The fact that this cult still exists must mean that not enough action has been taken to punish it, right? What else could it be…

Shockingly, the cult not only has professors among its members, but also doctors and prosecutors.

It is evident that the sect has ties to the government so that it still exists today.

How can you look at this and still believe that he is the messiah? You must be crazy… When would Jesus live such a licentious life with women around him? I will believe in Messiah if he kills himself and comes back alive, so we sentence him to death.

  • If you want to believe in anything, just believe in God and Jesus…don’t believe another human being is your Messiah or anything else…
  • ‘In the name of God’…I almost threw up when I saw it”, “The Devil Himself”
  • He’s nothing but an elementary school grad, small and lisping… there’s nothing good about him, it’s just downright gross. I cannot, with a clear conscience, consider a practitioner sane. It’s so frustrating to see all these women being attacked. I can’t understand why you stand still and think that’s what God wanted for you.
  • Thank you for taking the time to produce such documentation. I hope that all cults will be eliminated.
  • I had to stop watching because I was so disgusted, but I think that was the producer’s intention. I have to go back to finish it because I’m always curious how normal people can fall into the trap of such a cult.
  • I was heartbroken and angry when I saw what happened to Teacher’s father. And that he kneels again in his fight for justice, I can only be thankful and happy for that.
  • i’m disgusted He’s nothing more than a sex offender disguised as a pastor. The solution is life imprisonment.
  • I was amazed to hear five women offer him their intimacy in this way. I don’t understand how such normal people can become sex slaves like that.

I know some say it’s inappropriate to disclose everything they’ve done without regard for the victims, but I think this is a case where the truth can’t be told until the true horror of the situation emerges revealed in this way. I hope other cult believers watching this documentary will wake up.

I was so angry and in tears after finishing this documentary on Netflix. So much frustration. I recommend everyone to watch it and wake up to the reality of cults. I cried so much for the child who died because of his parents. It’s so pathetic that people can get so deep into something so stupid.

There are so many problems like the fact that we still haven’t followed him, that there are still people who believe that he is God. Let’s start taxing religions and chasing down garbage like him.

If you read Namu Wiki you will find the names of the lawyers who work for him… It’s a huge law firm that costs a lot of money and it’s no wonder he was able to indulge in such criminal insanity.

I got nauseous watching it, almost threw up…

Did you see the documentary?

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