In case of PMK outbreak, Strengthening National Food Production by awakening local Dairy Farmers can be the Solution.

In case of PMK outbreak, Strengthening National Food Production by awakening local Dairy Farmers can be the Solution.

Until now, domestic milk production has not yet been able to meet the needs of the entire community. There is a big gap between the Indonesian population’s milk demand of about 4.4 million tons per year and the amount of domestic milk (SSDN) which is only 997.35 thousand tons per year.

This situation has led to a dependence on imported milk of up to 80%. Of the domestic milk production, 51% comes from East Java Province which is known as the backbone of Indonesia’s milk production.

Dr. Ir. Jumadi, M.MT, Assistant II of the Economy and Development of East Java Province who participated in the representation of Dra. Hj. Khofifah Indar Parawansa, M.Si, the Governor of East Java, explained that East Java is an agricultural business area that has been the country’s food warehouse and livestock storage area.

However, the outbreak of FMD has had a significant impact on cattle production and the economy of farmers. The efforts of different governments to overcome this epidemic definitely need the support of cooperation and the role of each party.

“Therefore, we are very grateful for the KSG program from Greenfields which aims to revive the role of smallholder farmers in supporting the national dairy industry through various initiatives. It is hoped that more collaboration and cooperation between Greenfields and the East Java Provincial Government can be an example for other industry players, so that together we can help to solve the problem of FMD outbreak and restore the spirit of farmers and farmers Breeding, especially. in East Java,” he said.

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Dr. Ir. Epi Taufik, S.Pt, MVPH, M.Si, IPM, Head of the Department of Animal Production Technology, Department of Animal Husbandry and Technology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Bogor University of Agriculture, stated that cow’s milk it is. In line with the needs of the community, there is a growing threat to food production in the country, which has now moved to the 69th position in 113 countries.

Moreover, milk is the most complete source of nutrition that the Indonesian people need, which will be dominated by young people in the future. In fact, the Indonesian Cattle Breeding Association (GKSI) reported that out of 161,943 GKSI cattle breeders in East Java, 65,157 were infected with the FMD outbreak, resulting in a 30% reduction in milk production to 918 tons/day.

“In response to this, all stakeholders need to work together to support the pillars of availability, stability, availability, access, and quality of national milk security. Especially at this time of recovery, there is a need for support and assistance so that local dairy farmers can recover from the outbreak of FMD and play an important role in meeting the needs of the country’s milk,” said Dr. Epi.

This time, Greenfields is also expanding the benefits of the KSG program by adding access to the new milk collection center (MCC) in Pijiombo. MCC is an important facility that manages the entire process of processing milk from farm partners, from testing, analysis, cooling and delivery of milk to the manufacturer or consumer.

“With the program to provide support for breeding and the presence of MCC Pijiombo, now the opportunity for the community to manage business in the breeding sector has opened up more. We hope that all this support will help boost the energy of local dairy farmers, increase milk production and improve the well-being of all KSG farm partners,” said Heru.

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