In addition to using deodorant, how to protect armpits from smell?

In addition to using deodorant, how to protect armpits from smell?

The musty smell is very irritating, especially if other people can smell it. Although this problem is not much, but hand odor can be very self-defeating.

The cause of smelly stools can be influenced by many factors, one of which is the cause of sweating. So how do you keep your armpits from smelling?

Causes of Smelly Hands

Underarm odor is caused by bacterial growth on the skin mixed with sweat. This condition is related to underarms because they produce a lot of water.

When you sweat, the fluid contains protein and fat from the body. Therefore, the smell is different from normal sweat.

As for some of the things that make the liver smell bad, they include:

Eating foods and drinks that cause body odor

Beans, cauliflower, broccoli and various onions are among the foods that cause hand odor.

These foods contain allicin and sulfur which affect the smell of sweat and bad breath.

Also alcoholic beverages. When alcohol enters the body, the water is processed into acetic acid which makes the sweat and urine smell bad.

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Take some drugs

In addition to food and drink, antibiotics or antidepressants can cause hand odor.

When the drug is taken, its contents affect the metabolism so that the amount of sweat from the apocrine glands increases and causes an unpleasant odor.

· Poor hand hygiene

The underarm hair is left thick, too lazy to shave, or not drying the underarms, and other things that cause odor.

It is difficult for microorganisms in the armpit to multiply because it is supported by moisture.

In addition, underarm skin that is full of hair is more difficult to clean. If you have a lot of underarm hair and have problems with odor, consider waxing or shaving.


Another cause of the smell is hyperhidrosis. This condition causes the sufferer to sweat profusely for no reason.

The amount of sweat produced by the body is not normal, even though the person is in cold weather and does not do strenuous activities such as exercise.

How to get rid of smelly armpits

hand deodorant comparisonExample. Use the following methods to keep your hands from smelling (Photo: iStockphoto/Vasyl Dolmatov)

So how do you keep your armpits from smelling? Reported from health, Here’s how to solve it.

1. Use of antiperspirant

Anti-inflammatory medications help reduce the amount of sweat produced by temporarily blocking the pores that cause sweating.

The less sweat gets to the surface of the skin, the less odor it emits. You can use an anti-depressant after bathing or before going to bed.

2. Place the laundry

Deodorant can reduce unpleasant odors from sweat cells. Unlike deodorants, the use of deodorants cannot stop the production of sweat by itself.

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Make sure you apply deodorant after showering and when your armpits are completely dry. In addition, choose deodorant products with the best ingredients for the skin that do not cause irritation.

3. Regularly clean your armpits

a description of the handExample. How to keep your nose from smelling by shaving your hands regularly (Photo: iStockphoto)

Dense hair is a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. You can shave your armpit hair anytime, you don’t have to wait for it to grow back.

After shaving, you can try wax or do remove the hair under the arm in such a way that the hair of the hanki is reduced slowly and avoids the smell of hands.

4. Botox

Botox injections are best known for treating facial skin. However, this Botox injection can be on the sweat glands to reduce the amount of sweat that causes odor.

Although it can tighten the pores of the skin under the arms, botox injections must be repeated until you get significant results.

5. Shower every day

One way to protect the body from germs and bacteria is to bathe. Make sure you shower every day, at least once, especially after activities.

If you don’t shower, the sweat molecules in your body are hard to multiply. The bad side effects are not limited to the smell of poop, but the fungus that causes skin diseases is evident.

6. Wear loose clothing

loose clothingExample. How to keep armpits from smelling by wearing loose fitting clothes that can absorb sweat (Image: iStockphoto/Halfpoint)

When doing outdoor activities, avoid wearing thick tights that don’t absorb sweat. Especially if it’s summer.

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Make sure you wear loose fitting clothes, like cotton cotton comb, cotton, or Japanese cotton. Fabrics can easily absorb water or sweat and wick it into the air.

7. Take care of food

Food and drink that enters the body can affect body odor. In addition to onions, foods that increase sweating, such as pepper or other spices, can cause underarm odor.

From now on, try to eat nutritious food with a lot of fiber, citrus fruits, tea leaves, so that the smell of your armpit is free and your body is fresh.

This is the cause of underarm odor and ways to keep your armpits free of odor that you can try.


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