In addition to taking Slimming Pills, Elon Musk’s Fasting Diet and Lose 9 Kilograms

In addition to taking Slimming Pills, Elon Musk’s Fasting Diet and Lose 9 Kilograms

After his father called him fat, South African engineer Errol Musk. Elon Musk food. Food Elon Musk is fasting to lose weight.

Quoting TMZ, Errol Musk said, although Elon is very rich and powerful, he has a bad diet. The 79-year-old father said he asked his son to take weight loss pills which he said helped him lose weight.

Errol Musk’s comments came after he saw pictures of his bare-chested son while on vacation in Greece. Instead of obeying his father and taking slimming pills, Musk changed his lifestyle and diet. The fasting diet in question is the intermediate fasting diet.

Now Elon started eating to lose weight.

In an uploaded twitter @elonmusk revealed that he started eating fast food.

He also stated that Elon Musk’s fasting diet made him lose more than 9 kilograms.

“Over 9kg from my sickest weight,” he wrote on Twitter.

Musk admitted to using a fasting app to help him lose weight.

Being a billionaire who is always busy doesn’t seem to make Elon Musk neglect to live a healthy life. It is reported that Musk plans to change his morning routine from the moment he wakes up.

In a recent interview with the Complete Dispatch Podcast, the Tesla CEO admitted that he used to check his cell phone in the morning. According to him, this behavior can hinder his health.

“I have a bad habit that I think a lot of people do, which is checking my phone right away in the morning,” Musk said at the event, as quoted by CNBC.

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Musk used to spend the first 30 minutes after waking up to check emails or emails. After realizing the negative effects, he now wants to replace the habit with exercise.

“I need to exercise to be in better shape,” Musk said.

“So I’m going to get away from looking at my phone after I wake up to exercise for at least 20 minutes, and then look at my phone,” Musk said.

In addition to Elon Musk’s fasting diet, exercise, and reducing bad habits that cause obesity can also help you lose weight.


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