Immigration: Denmark’s strict policy, one of the strictest in Europe

Immigration: Denmark’s strict policy, one of the strictest in Europe

Goal of zero refugees in Denmark, where migration policy is one of the strictest in Europe. For twenty years, the country has followed the same restrictive policies initiated by the right.

In Denmark, migration policy is a consensus, from right to left. The country’s entry policy is also particularly restrictive, be it with the very small number of residence permits for reasons of asylum, the non-automatic family reunification (waiting time of at least one year) or language-dependent social benefits, courses and the acceptance of certain job offers. Any imprisonment also precludes the acquisition of citizenship.

Other measures are even stronger, with the possibility of confiscating migrants’ property to fund the cost of their reception, or even “antighetto” plans consisting in areas of the country where crime and immigration rates are high are to impose stricter penalties are strong.

A policy that is bearing fruit, because between 2014 and 2019 (before the Covid year), immigration in Denmark fell by 28%. The number of asylum applications fell more massively with 82% fewer applications. Applied to France, these statistics would increase the number of inquiries from 132,000 to 31,000 per year (base 2019).

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