Ile-de-France: Clashes between gangs increased slightly in 2022

Ile-de-France: Clashes between gangs increased slightly in 2022

Clashes between youth gangs increased slightly in Île-de-France in 2022, the year three people were killed in clashes.

Three young people died in clashes between rival gangs in 2022. A phenomenon that regularly makes headlines and is taken very seriously by the authorities. Four teenagers in particular were remanded in custody this week after a teenager was stabbed to death during a fight in Thiais, in the Val-de-Marne.

According to police headquarters, 45 gangs have been identified in the Paris metropolitan area, a rate that has been stable for five years. In 2022, 375 occurrences were identified as band phenomena, i.e. 10.3% less than in 2021.

However, 103 collisions were recorded in Île-de-France, an increase of 8.4% over the previous year. However, the police headquarters assumes that the phenomenon will remain rather stable compared to previous years.

Minors in two thirds of the cases

The use of weapons has also decreased compared to 2021 (-21.2%) and the number of injuries in collisions (-5.4%), although there have been three fatalities in 2022. The young people involved in these gangs are overwhelmingly young and two-thirds of the time they are minors.

Police Headquarters also pointed out that the actions of police officers avoided 77 clashes between gangs in the Paris region last year.

In March 2021, following the deaths of several youths in clashes in Essonne, the government had launched a plan to combat youth-fighting with the aim of “preventing the emergence of violent groups” and “police surveillance and action strengthen”. “. That plan called for police to conduct “increased surveillance of social media and instant messaging” to gather information on the activities of these youth gangs.

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