Idol steals hearts with a short hair transformation Kpop News

Idol steals hearts with a short hair transformation Kpop News

THIS former SM Entertainment idol has caused a stir among K-Pop fans following her significant visual transformation!

f(x) Luna blew away K-Pop fans after flaunting her new hairstyle!

(Photo: Luna (OSEN))

Recently, Luna, who retired from the K-pop scene to focus on her musical acting career, made headlines after updating her whereabouts.

On March 8th, it was lately reported that f(x) Luna attended the “Catwalk Festa 2023” held on March 4th as a brand representative of D-ANTIDOTE.

The fashion show was held at Seoul’s DongDaemun Design Plaza (DDP) and was also attended by various Korean celebrities, including rappers Cheetah, PENTAGON Shinwon and Wooseok, as well as makeup artist and YouTube beauty designer Risabae.

(Photo: Luna (OSEN))

Among them, Luna especially captured the attention and hearts of K-pop visitors and fans, especially MeU (fandom) after showing her short hair transformation.

In her photos shared across various online communities, Luna turned out to be the “master killer” wearing a black leather jacket and a one-shouldered top for underwear. She then paired it with a sheer skirt, boots and knee socks and completed it with a black mini bag.

What made her the main event was her short blonde hair and her green contact lenses. Her makeup also lends cat eyes that match her chic style. Luna stood in the photo area and filled the air with her heartthrob aura!

How people react to f(x) Luna’s new image

(Photo: Luna (Kpop Wiki))

In September 2009, Luna debuted as an f(x) member on SM Entertainment. The original quintet exploded into popularity in the early 2010s, creating hits like “Electric Shock”, “Rum Pum Pum Pum”, “Hot Summer”, “4 Walls” and more.

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Back then, Luna was loved for her innocent smile and youthful looks. Although her release of “Red Light” ultimately pushed her experimental image, she generally enjoyed wavy hair when actively promoting herself as a member of a girl group. Even when conducting her musical projects, Luna always wore her hair long and wavy.

(Photo: Luna (News1))

Because of this, her bold and regal look has really surprised many K-pop fans and netizens now. Fans of Luna, whose image changed beyond recognition, showed various reactions such as:

  • “The shortcut is perfect for you.”
  • “That look and that hairstyle stole my heart.”
  • “Luna, you are so pretty!”
  • “She exudes a foreign vibe.”

(Photo: Luna (OSEN))


(Photo: Amber)

Some fans even compared her look to her colleague Amber’s signature short haircut, saying:

  • “I thought it was Amber for a while.”
  • “I thought she was f(x) Amber.”
  • “She looks like Amber, doesn’t she?”

Meanwhile, f(x) went on hiatus in 2016 after the late Sulli left the team. That same year, Luna pursued a solo career at the same agency until her departure in 2019.

(Photo: Luna (News1))

In 2021, Luna announced her full-fledged solo path by launching her own label, Grida Entertainment.

Last year, she expanded her musical career by appearing in the cast of the Broadway musical KPOP.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.