Idol ‘Attacks’ FLASHES with her beauty Kpopnews

Idol ‘Attacks’ FLASHES with her beauty Kpopnews

BLACKPINK Jisoo showed off his ethereal visuals by releasing a teaser for his upcoming solo album. With the first teaser that has now been released, BLINKs have been “attacked” by their beauty.

Find out what the BLINKs are saying.

BLACKPINK Jisoo ‘VISUAL FILM #1’: Idol shows stylish beauty in new teaser

On March 15th, BLACKPINK Jisoo BLINKs stunned with its elegant and luxurious beauty seen by her “VISUAL FILM #1‘, released for his forthcoming solo debut ‘ME’.


In the clip, BLACKPINK Jisoo flaunts a giant poppy clad in a featherweight, high-fashion black and white striped fur ensemble. The celebrity also sports a long white manicure and flaunts pale pink lips and small black lines near her eyelids.

(Photo: Twitter: @BLACKPINK)

As the fashion was obvious in the video, the preview doesn’t give fans many clues as to what Jisoo’s solo debut will be like, as only a few additional and extended notes are played before the scene fades to black to reveal the single. Album title in bold and red font.

Still, more than 70 million followers couldn’t get enough of what BLACKPINK Jisoo showed with his “VISUAL FILM #1”.

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Because of this, BLINK’s Jisoo “attacked” with praise and compliments. The teaser increases fans’ expectations of the album.

Immediately, BLINKs also expressed their excitement on various social platforms, praising the idol’s beauty.

BLACKPINK Jisoo en solo

(Photo: BLACKPINK Twitter)
BLACKPINK Jisoo solo “ME”

BLACKPINK Jisoo en solo

(Photo: BLACKPINK Twitter)
BLACKPINK Jisoo solo “ME”

Wow, his visual attack!!!

she is too pretty


Wow, the colors are so intense!

Seriously, his aura and face are insane. Ahh I can’t wait to be there!

It has that oriental vibe. She is so pretty!

Visual attack, what song will it be? I want to hear it soon!

Whoa, crazy. BP had different concepts for all members. I can’t wait to be there!

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Jisoo’s solo debut ME is slated for an official release on March 31st under YG Entertainment and Interscope Records. She is the latest BLACKPINK member to make her solo debut after fellow members Jennie, Lisa and Rosé released “SOLO”, “R” and “LALISA” respectively.


Meanwhile, BLACKPINK embark on their world tour BORN PINK. This world tour allows the quartet to promote their album and meet their fans internationally.

In collaboration with YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK presented world-class live performances for their third concert tour.

BLACKPINK will be performing in Asia for their BORN PINK tour.

Additionally, BLINKs expressed happiness at seeing the global K-pop girl group.

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