IDAI has recorded 67 Infants infected with HIV in 2020

IDAI has recorded 67 Infants infected with HIV in 2020

Infection human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can attack anyone. Not old or young, either now Babies can also be infected with HIV.

The head of the AIDS Commission from the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI) Endah Citraresmi said that in 2020 alone, there are 67 babies who are infected with AIDS.

“There are 67 AIDS patients in 2020 among babies, these are the babies whose age reaches four to six weeks immediately they were diagnosed with AIDS,” said Endah in a statement. reporters held online, Friday (2/9).

Endah did not say where the babies who contracted AIDS came from. But of course, babies who are infected with AIDS get it from their mothers.

The method of transmission can occur during pregnancy. This can happen if HIV-positive mothers do not receive treatment, with one of them refusing to take antiretroviral therapy (ARV).

In fact, said Endah, by 2020 there are about 29-36 percent of the total of about 6,000 HIV positive pregnant women who do not want to take ARVs.

“One-third of them agreed, and the rest refused. Most of them refused, they refused to accept that they were carrying HIV,” he said.

Endah told me, there was once a pregnant woman who was tested for HIV. Then it was discovered that he was infected with AIDS. However, after she was informed and counseled, the mother in question refused to admit that she was infected with AIDS.

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“She didn’t feel sick, she went on, she went back to Jakarta. She ran away from being monitored, she was prevented from HIV that she was fighting. Finally she gave birth, and her child must have been infected,” he said. hear it.

Therefore, according to Endah, it is very important for mothers to undergo HIV testing and treatment. Not to protect yourself, but also the baby in the womb.

“Because if you treat it, it is unlikely that the baby will get HIV,” he said.


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