IDAI: Children who are bullied and abused can also be infected with HIV

IDAI: Children who are bullied and abused can also be infected with HIV

The victim sexual abuseespecially childcan be infected with the disease human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This can happen if the person who sexually assaulted him is diagnosed with HIV.

The head of the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI) AIDS Commission Endah Citraresmi said that currently IDAI always encourages HIV testing if a child is reported to have been abused. Although the situation has not yet been discovered, it is still expected.

“It can be published [HIV]. But now that the situation has not been discovered, that does not mean that it does not exist. That is why prevention is being done through research,” said Endah at the meeting reporters online, Friday (2/9).

Sexual abuse or violence that children experience often takes the form of rape, both for girls and boys. The culprits are adults who may have already contracted the disease because of their poor sexual behavior.

“The person who committed this abuse is already infected with HIV and is spreading it. Able“It is unfortunate that the child became a victim, he must also take the disease that is spread,” he said.

HIV is still a disease that threatens many people today. Not only adults, children are also vulnerable to HIV infection.

In addition to sexually transmitted diseases, HIV can be transmitted from mother to child. Mothers are usually people with HIV who do not want treatment.

For example, pregnant women who refuse treatment with antiretroviral (ARV) regimens. In fact, the use of ARV is important because it can prevent the virus from spreading to other people.

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“Women with HIV/AIDS do not mean that they cannot or will not be able to conceive and bear children. [hamil dan punya anak]as long as ARV treatment is taken to prevent the disease from progressing,” he said.

In Endah’s data, about 67 babies were infected with HIV in 2020. They may have contracted it from mothers who did not want to take ARV treatment.


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