“I Can’t Look Away”…Song Hye Kyo lets everyone know the “Pain of the Victims of Japanese Military Sex Slavery” through “Grandma Is Back”.

“I Can’t Look Away”…Song Hye Kyo lets everyone know the “Pain of the Victims of Japanese Military Sex Slavery” through “Grandma Is Back”.

Actress Song Hye Kyo narrated the March 1 Independence Day documentary special Grandma Is Back.

MBC’s March 1 Independence Day special documentary “Grandma Is Back,” which aired March 1, spotlights the victims of Japan’s military sex slavery (known as “Women of Comfort”).

The main character of Grandma Is Back, conveyed through the voice of Song Hye Kyo, is Lee Yong Soo, one of the victims of Japanese military sex slavery. When she was 14, she was taken to Taiwan. The 96-year-old grandmother visited a recording studio and suggested making a song about the comfort women issue.

“Grandma Is Back” presented historical data on Japanese military sex slavery and foreigners’ opinions about it. Anna, a German student who visited the Museum of War and Women’s Human Rights in Mapo, Seoul, explained: “I studied history while studying in Japan and was surprised at how Japan treats history. I felt sorry for the women who had to go through this, so I became interested in this topic.

Foreigners who visited the museum expressed their shocked words “My daughter is 10 years old and the youngest woman taken as a slave was 11 years old. It’s so painful. It was like a very slave-like war system.”

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Lee Na Young, Chair of the “Comfort Women” Judiciary, stated: “The problem of Japanese military sex slavery has many layers. It is a problem of imperialist colonial power and a problem of militarism and war. In this issue, many factors such as gender, class, race, nationality, etc. are intertwined and the weakest are severely damaged.. Song Hye Kyo added, “Nobody can understand the misery that the young women of that time had to go through. That’s why we can’t close our eyes here.”

Grandma Lee Yong Soo recalled the past and said: “I was in the comfort center for three years. I think I was 17 at the time.” add to “My mom used to call me by my name and people would say, ‘Mom, Soo is coming back.’ The day I came home was my death anniversary and my mother called me a ghost.”

Song hye kyo explained, “Most of the documents written by the Japanese military in the process of mobilizing Japanese military sex slaves were completely destroyed after the war. However, secret documents were found that could not be destroyed. In 1992, historian Yoshimi Yoshiyaki found a document showing that the Japanese government was legally responsible for the mobilization of Japanese military sex slavery and released the document to the world.

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However, students in Japanese schools are not properly informed about their government’s past mistakes. Former Prime Minister Hatoyama opposed the Japanese government’s actions and asked for forgiveness. He said, “I think we should teach modern history, including the crimes committed by Japan in the past, in schools. I think there are things that young people are not informed about through our current education system. I think a lot of people don’t know the truth or can’t face the truth.

Song Hye Kyo a dit : “The testimony of survivors of the Japanese military’s sexual slavery, which began with grandmother Kim Hak Soon, has broken a long silence and taboo. A 1998 report by the Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights mentions the violence of the Japanese military brothel system. The operation of the brothel by the Japanese military is defined as a war crime against humanity and we call on the Japanese government to take legal responsibility for it.

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UN Special Rapporteur McDougall said: “I think it is our responsibility to ensure that the incident and the events that happened to these women are not forgotten. These things are clearly a blemish on humanity. In response, Song Hye Kyo narrated: “Wartime sexual violence crimes are still being committed around the world. Ukraine is no exception. Under the 1998 Rome Rules of the International Criminal Court, rape in wartime is clearly a war crime.

Among them, another comfort woman victim died late last year. Daegu-born Lee Ok-sun was taken to a brothel in Manchuria, China at the age of 16 after being tricked into giving her a job in a factory. A total of 240 victim comfort women have been registered with the government. Today only 10 grandmothers live among them.

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Finally, Song Hye Kyo said: “Almost a century has passed. The time during which victims had to prove themselves as victims has exceeded 30 years. What should we do in the future to fill the temporal vacuum that experience and imagination cannot fill? »

Source: Daum