Hwang Minhyun Shares Thoughts on Truth Or Lie Mini Album, Career, More

Hwang Minhyun Shares Thoughts on Truth Or Lie Mini Album, Career, More

Hwang Minhyun opened up about his latest album Truth or Lie and more in his latest interview. Would you like to get to know his ideas? So read on!

Hwang Minhyun Shares Truth Or Lie Mini Album Details, His Career and More

On February 28th, NME released a series of interview responses from soloist Hwang Minhyun, who spoke about his new album, career as an idol and more.

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Hwang Minhyun’s Truth or Lie mini-album was released on February 27, and he shared how musically he’s matured from his early days.

Minhyun also revealed that he stepped out of his comfort zone while exploring his rap talent. Fans always come first for artists, and Minhyun was quick to reveal that the album is for people who support him.

Hwang Minhyun

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Minhyun even expressed his commitment to the production, even going so far as to create it directly from his acting schedule.

Minhyun also spoke about the song selection. The idol explained that before choosing a title track, several factors should be considered, such as choreography, stage presence and its appeal to listeners.

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He also said it’s the perfect time to release an album as the idol has retired from the music scene and focused on his acting plans.

Hwang Minhyun shares his thoughts on the mini album

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The idol shared that he learned something from his debut. Minhyun explained that becoming an idol will always be a learning process.

He also expressed his gratitude for all the opportunities he encountered as they offer more room for improvement. For Minhyun, the album’s title track, Hidden Side, conveys a message of meeting and embracing achievement.

“I think I’ve matured physically and emotionally since I started. I hope this current era gives me the opportunity to explore between the present and my past.”

“In ‘Perfect Type’ on the B-side there are a few segments that have singing and rapping that really challenged me. But I also enjoyed the process of creating the songs.”

“Just because a song sounds good doesn’t mean it has to be the title track. During production I also thought about how it would appear on stage and the choreography, but when I first heard it I knew how great it would be as a first single.”

Minhyun sorted the MV for “Hidden Sides”

On February 27, Hwang Minhyun officially released the MV for Hidden Sides, which received positive feedback.

NUEST Minhyun

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Fans praised the idol’s versatile personality and her song. They also applauded her performance, her voice and the content of the album. Others expressed their support for the idol to continue her thriving career.

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They commented:

“Hwang Minhyun is a heart stealing actor, singer and dancer. What more ? Thank you for your art!”

“Minhyun’s sweet and hip tone makes the songs shine. I will encourage Minhyun’s dream as a singer to come true.”

“Congratulations on Minhyun Hwang’s album. I really like. Her voice is so soft that she jumps at me. This MV has an incredibly beautiful look. Let’s keep streaming Minhyun’s MV!”

Watch the MV of Hidden Sides here:


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