HPI: How will Season 3 air on TF1?

HPI: How will Season 3 air on TF1?

The TF1 crowd steamroller is back with Season 3 of HPI commencing May 11th. And the station is resuming a program that has proven itself.

HPI returns for a Season 3 that promises to be explosive, we’ll talk about that. To close a difficult season in terms of audience (but in terms of quality), TF1 can count on Mrgane Alvarot and his excellent audience. To ensure a long-term audience, the channel will, as for the other seasons (and as for Balthazar) : broadcasts a new episode every week (vs. the usual two) by the end of June (if all goes well, the final is set to be offered on Thursday 29 June).

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Morgane and Karadec (finally) kissed! And with an explosive kiss we left our brilliant advisor! The problem is that Karadec is still in a relationship and more importantly that Morgane has just discovered that Romain, her ex who disappeared years ago, is not dead but has rebuilt his life with another woman in England. For those who have already wondered if her character scares off the people she loves, this discovery has something to increase their doubts… In short, as always with our heroine: it’s a mess! As the new season begins, Morgane must contend for a third time with a family broken, a new house falling apart and a father determined to come back into her life: Serge Alvaro. A genius schemer, HPI like her, Serge is the reflection of a Morgane gone wrong. Will her return allow Morgane to learn more about herself? Because between that kiss exchanged with Karadec and the unraveling of the Romain investigation, one wonders if Morgane has an interest in remaining an adviser to the PFY in Lille… She has nonetheless become indispensable to the police station and has achieved much closer to Céline , Daphné, Gilles, and of course Karadec… who still count on her to solve an avalanche of crimes as complex as they are mysterious: a music star’s death in the making, a prison investigation, an ashram, and even a vampire in medical school ! Still just as scathing, twisting, raw and at times insane, Morgane will still have to run after her genius brain, but also behind her heart, which also seems to have decided to go it alone…

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