How wealthy is the ‘FLOWER’ singer? • Kpop News

How wealthy is the ‘FLOWER’ singer? • Kpop News

Kim Jisoo, or simply known as Jisoo, is a member and actress of BLACKPINK. Ever since her debut in 2016, BLINK’s have been curious about just how rich the “FLOWER” singer is, especially as Jisoo was just launching her solo career.

Do you want to know how rich she is? Then read below!

Jisoo Net Worth 2023: How much has BLACKPINK member made so far in 2023?

According to sources, Jisoo’s net worth is estimated at around 25 million dollars U.S. dollar this year 2023. This huge number comes as no shock to many considering BLACKPINK’s immense success around the world with their album sales, digital streams and more.

(Photo: Jisoo’s Instagram)

His income comes from BLACKPINK’s booming releases, not to mention their overwhelming success, easily selling out concert stages on their BORN PINK world tour.

Their latest album BORN PINK has caught everyone’s attention as it is BLACKPINK’s first full studio album to have sold millions of copies worldwide.

BLACKPINK Jisoo, the feline beauty
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(Photo: Jisoo’s Instagram)

“BORN PINK” also broke BLACKPINK’s previous record, surpassing 100,000 copies (142,000) on its first day. The band broke the NewJeans record of 81,000 and stole the spot in 8 hours as they surpassed 84,000 album pre-orders. This surpassed the previous score of 41,000 sales for THE ALBUM, which was released in October 2020.

BLACKPINK also became the first K-pop girl group to hit two million sales after amassing a total of 2,141,281 album copies with “BORN PINK.”

BLACKPINK Jisoo, the feline beauty

(Photo: Jisoo’s Instagram)

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This was announced by Circle Chart on September 22, 2022 when they released their best-selling albums from September 11-17. BLACKPINK took first place in this ranking.

On April 4th, YG Entertainment announced that Jisoo is officially the first female solo artist to become a million-seller. As of March 31, “ME” originally sold 1.02 million copies of the album, as well as 870,000 copies on the first day of release.

Jisoo’s other activities that allowed him to make money

In addition, Jisoo is also credited for her songwriting on “Lovesick Girls” and the B-side track “Yeah Yeah Yeah” on “BORN PINK”.


(Photo: Jisoo’s Instagram)

Jisoo is also valued for her ability to step out of her comfort zone. Aside from being an idol, she is also an actress who made her debut in the historical drama series Snowdrop. Jisoo also starred with Jung Hae In.

The singer is also prominent in her brand endorsements. In September 2018, Jisoo and her bandmate Rosé were chosen as sponsorship models for Kiss Me, a South Korean cosmetics brand. Jisoo also became a Dior Beauty Ambassador and Dior Muse in 2020.

        BLACKPINK Jisoo dressed in luxury from head to toe in Paris
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(Photo: Jisoo’s Instagram)

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In February 2021, she was also voted the Face of Spring 2021 for clothing brand MICHAA. In March 2021, Jisoo was chosen as Dior’s new global ambassador, along with celebrities Cara Delevingne and Natalie Portman. Jisoo also became Cartier’s new global ambassador on May 24.

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