How to store leftover coconut milk to last, it can last for 7 days

How to store leftover coconut milk to last, it can last for 7 days

coconut milk The packaging has an expiration date. When the packaging is not opened, it can last for months.

However, if you open the collected coconut milk, it can only last seven days at a temperature of 4 to 8 degrees Celsius. How to store coconut milk to last?

“After that, yes, even though it looks good and doesn’t smell good, it can’t be used,” said Food Technologist Lisa Suhanda at Tetra Pak’s Coconut Day event in Bunga Rampai, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Friday. (2/9).

On the other hand, coconut milk will not last long if stored at room temperature. When coconut milk is stored at room temperature, it must be consumed immediately.

Tips for storing leftover coconut milk

Lisa also offers tips that can be used at home when storing leftover coconut milk. The reason is, it can not be prevented when cooking, the prepared coconut milk is often left out.

Here’s how to store condensed coconut milk to keep it fresh for up to a week.

1. Store in the refrigerator

Do not store opened coconut milk in the refrigerator door.

The temperature of the door is easy to change. This can cause temperature imbalance in the coconut milk. As a result, coconut milk will quickly rot and spoil.

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2. Store it in a box

Coconut milk in a small bottle and half a coconut isolated on a bright white background.Example. There are many ways to store leftover coconut milk to make it last longer. (Istockphoto/Fcafotodigital)

If you are using a liter of coconut milk and don’t intend to use it all, look for a container with a bottle cap. Therefore, do not transfer the coconut milk to another container so that the temperature and cleanliness can be maintained.

3. Close tightly

Coconut milk should not be stored in an open environment. This can cause some microorganisms to enter the packaging.

As a result, coconut milk spoils quickly even if it is stored in the refrigerator.

4. Do not stir the coconut milk

If you are using concentrated coconut milk, it is best to scoop or pour it into a container. Do not stir the coconut milk if you do not intend to finish it completely.

“If it is moved, it can bring germs or bacteria from the air or the spoon that is used. So the coconut milk spoils quickly,” he said.

You can follow how to store leftover coconut milk above to keep it safe.


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