How to Manage Stress and Anxiety in the Middle Ages to Maintain Brain Health

How to Manage Stress and Anxiety in the Middle Ages to Maintain Brain Health, Jakarta Did you know that the level of stress and anxiety among millennials and Gen Z is higher than that of Baby Boomers and Gen X? According to statistics from Deloitte, Millennials and Gen Z are recorded as people with higher levels of stress than Baby Boomers and Gen X since the Covid19 pandemic.

As of 2020, the results of the comparison of the average percentage of Millennials and Gen Z by gender shows that women have a high level of stress, that is, the level of stress of Millennials is 44.3% and Gen Z is 52.3%, while the level shows . of anxiety in Millennials and Gen Z men with 37.6% and 38.3% (Deloitte, 2022).

As a generation that was born and grew up with technology, Millennials and Gen Z concerns also come from social media as a result of digital technology change. Things that cause a lot of stress for Millennials and Gen Z, include work-related lifestyle needs and financial needs that are often portrayed on various social media platforms.

Anxiety is a natural reaction when someone is faced with a problem. A person will begin to feel anxiety when the brain reacts to the warning of possible danger. However, experiencing anxiety frequently is a sign that someone has anxiety.

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