How To Eat Tina Toon, Successfully Lose Weight Up To 25 Kg

How To Eat Tina Toon, Successfully Lose Weight Up To 25 Kg

Former actor Tina Toon who is now a member of the DKI Jakarta DPRD from the PDI-P party, who has been known to be cheeky since he was young.

However, Tina, who once became famous through the song ‘Bolo-Bolo’, now has a beautiful slim figure that will surely surprise everyone who sees her.

Of course, Tina got her slim body after she managed to lose weight up to 25 kg. Now Tina is always confident in whatever clothes she wants to wear.

Share via Instagram and YouTube social media accounts. Tina admits that eating until she manages to lose 25 kilos is definitely not immediate, there are many tips that can be implemented so that her diet is successful without torturing her.

Here are the food recommendations that Tina Toon ran to successfully lose weight up to 25 kg:

1. Replace rice with other carbohydrates

At the beginning of her meal, Tina avoided rice. For almost eight months, Tina did not eat rice, she did not eat dinner. Sometimes he only eats white bread when he is hungry.

2. Exercising in the gym

Tina has a personal trainer. He also consults his teacher regularly. Tina is doing this to control her weight because it has decreased significantly.

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3. Avoid frying

When eating, Tina does not eat fried food at all. He prefers vegetables or fruits rich in fiber. Instead of fried, Tina prefers cooked food.

4. Count the calories of food

Tina also uses a low calorie diet. He counts the number of calories he eats every day.

5. Drink water

Tina always meets her water needs by drinking water regularly. He does not skip drinking water to meet his daily needs.


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