How to clean the shower head, make the shower water clean

How to clean the shower head, make the shower water clean

Shower so one way to save water that time mandi. However, it never occurred to you to clear your head shower?

Make no mistake, boss shower and requires regular cleaning. How to clean yourself shower?

The president shower Clean water will increase the amount of water and prevent the accumulation of bacteria in it.

Accumulation of dirt in the head shower This could be due to poor water flow, leaking pipes, or a rusty shower enclosure.

Concentrate Reading ReadingBesides potentially clogging drains, this chemical can also be a breeding ground for bacteria.

How to Clean a Shower Head

Citing different sources, there are two ways to clean yourself shower what you can do. Cleaning can be done either by self-dissection shower or not.

1. Cleaning without dispersal

You can clean yourself shower with a mixture of vinegar or lemon juice. Here are the steps.

– Pour water and vinegar into a plastic bag.
– Put your head down shower in plastics.
– Leave it for 60 minutes to let the vinegar absorb the dirt.
– Remove the head shower then scrub with a brush to remove the residue.
– Rinse your head shower and hot water.

2. Purification by dispersion

The man is taking a shower in the hot water with a view of the forestExample. There are two ways to clean yourself shower which can be followed. (istockphoto/Shaf Bdn)

You can perform this method two to four times a year to ensure improvement in your head shower he disappeared.

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– Release yourself shower from the pipe, then pry it open using a hand wrench or other to remove the nut on the shower head handle.
– Put your head down shower turn it upside down and wash it with water.
– If you still see dirt inside, use a small brush dipped in vinegar to scrub it.
– Wet your head shower in vinegar overnight.
– Rinse with clean water.

When Should You Clean Your Shower Head?

Well, you should clear your head shower at least once a month, enough with vinegar.

While deep cleaning should be done at least twice a year. Or, if possible, do a cleaning at least once every four months.

That’s how to clean yourself shower which you can follow. Regular cleaning is done for self-assurance shower keep it clean and provide more bathing pleasure.


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