how to balance comfort and style! • Kpop News

how to balance comfort and style! • Kpop News

On March 14th, aespa performed at Gimpo International Airport to go to their aespa LIVE TOUR 2023 SYNK: HYPER LINE concert in Osaka, Japan. While their fans, MY, are all excited for the group’s upcoming activities, they also took notice of the group’s stylish picks at the airport.

Here’s a breakdown of her clothing choices and how to balance comfort and style!


(Photo: pann.nate)

1. Girlhood Print Hoodie

Hoodie with girlhood print

(Photo: W Concept)

Karina has chosen a chic and comfortable outfit for her airport appearance, which consists of a sweatshirt with a girlhood print and a hoodie. You can try this esstive option from Amazon to look like Karina and get a stylish yet comfortable feel!

2. Clu Too Boogie Jeans

Clu Too Boogie Jeans

(Photo: W Concept)

The “Black Mamba” singer also wore Clu Too’s boogie denim pants. With this outerwear, Karina has made a beautiful and at the same time fashionable choice for the eye. You can buy this alternative high waist to match Karina’s airport outfit!

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3. Baskets Air Jordan 1 Mid “Stealth”

Baskets Air Jordan 1 Mid

(Photo: Farfetch)

For her shoes, Karina chose Air Jordan 1 sneakers, which are perfectly designed for functionality and freedom of movement. If you are looking for an alternative, then this Air Jordan option is for you!

Aespa to Giselle

aespa Airport Fashion: How to combine comfort and style!

(Photo: Weibo)

4. Striped t-shirt

Striped T-shirt

(Photo: Amazon)

Wearing a striped t-shirt on the way to the airport, Giselle created a relaxed atmosphere there. To achieve a similar look with Giselle, you can copy this striped short sleeve shirt from Amazon Essentials for a twist!

5. Code of Honor jacket defined

Code of Honor Defined Jacket

(Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue)

As an additional piece of clothing to her outerwear, Giselle wore a Defined Code of Honor jacket that contrasted perfectly with her gray striped shirt. To achieve a similar look, you can try this Olivia Miller Faux Leather Biker Jacket!

aespa NingNing

aespa Airport Fashion: How to combine comfort and style!

(Photo: News Nate)

6. Oversized White Blouse

Oversized white blouse

(Photo: Amazon)

For her airport wear, NingNing wore an oversized white blouse that exudes a casual vibe and easy-going feel. If you can’t wait to copy the idol’s airport fashions, then this alternative hotouch blouse can complete a smart yet casual look for you.

7. Jean Marondi

Jean Marondi

(Photo: W Concept)

NingNing also wore marondi jeans, which featured a light-colored denim along with ragged features. Get the look with this chic option from HETIPR that’s perfect for a night out or a casual get-together!

8. Classic ultra-mini platform boots

Classic ultra mini platform boots

(Photo: UGG)

With her shoes, NingNing wore Classic Ultra Mini platform boots which add a comfortable look to her outfit. On this Amazon link you can see the variations of the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Fashion Boots for women. The boots are all made of 80% wool and can add a cozy look to your “outfit of the day”.

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aespa winter

aespa Airport Fashion: How to combine comfort and style!

(Photo: Osen)

9. Black winter jacket

Black winter jacket

(Photo: Amazon)

Winter wore a dazzling and fluffy winter jacket perfect for cold places. Although the garment looks hot on its own, its design is undeniably stylish. As a replacement, you can buy this jacket brooch on Amazon as well as this down jacket option.

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