How rich is “Daegu Ulzzang” from the group? • Kpop News

How rich is “Daegu Ulzzang” from the group? • Kpop News

Irene is the charismatic leader of Red Velvet, known for her talent, looks and caring personality. Those aspects aside, fans are also excited to see how much the ‘Bad Boy’ singer has made so far in 2023.

Do you want to know how rich Irene is? So read on!

Irene Net Worth 2023: How Much Did the Red Velvet Leader Earn in 2023?

Bae Joo Hyun, known by her stage name Irene, is one of the most popular K-pop idols. Aside from being the leader of Red Velvet, she is also the main rapper, main dancer, singer and center of the group.

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Before her debut, she was already famous for her mesmerizing looks and friendly demeanor. Irene is also known for her carefree antics and dependable nature.

According to sources, Irene currently has a net worth of $4 millionwhat is same ₩5,207,780,000 (billion) KRW. Thanks to her blossoming career, Irene manages to be one of the richest K-pop idols.

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All of this income comes from her activities with Red Velvet, as well as solo ventures such as CFs, brand endorsements, and other individual endeavors that she works on.

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Irene is also known as the “CF Queen” and that title alone shows how much she has earned.

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Irene is known for supporting famous brands like Lemona, Etude House and Soju. She is also an ambassador for luxury brand Prada, the first Asian face of Italian jewelry Damiani and the face of Miu Miu.

Given Red Velvet’s popularity both domestically and internationally, the group’s income has also played a significant role in Irene’s immense cash flow.

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Red Velvet officially debuted on August 1, 2014. Originally four members, Maknae Yeri was added in March 2015, making Red Velvet definitive as a five-member group: Irene, Joy, Seulgi, Wendy, and Yeri.

In their four-way group stage, they released their first track “Happiness” on August 1, 2014. However, on March 17, 2015, they released their first comeback and song together with Yeri titled “Ice Cream Cake”. with the album of the same name.

Other activities of Irene that earned her income

The leader also became a model for Cooper Vision in February 2018. Her efforts later followed at Hazzy’s Accessories, where she also became the brand’s exclusive model.

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In August 2018, Irene modeled for EIDER, carried away by her promotional activities with congee Dongwon Yangban, alongside fellow actress Wendy. In March 2020, Irene was also selected as an ambassador for Clinique, a mid-sized beauty brand that will become the face of its Asia Pacific offices.

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Irene also stepped out of her comfort zone when she starred in the film Double Patty in February 2021. In addition to her acting role in the film, Irene also released her official OST, “A White Night”, which featured his first solo music.

With more upcoming activities of Red Velvet, Irene’s net worth is expected to increase in 2023.

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