How much does Chandrawathi Princess Gucci Bag cost?

How much does Chandrawathi Princess Gucci Bag cost?

During the reconstruction of the case of the murder of Brigadier J on Tuesday (30/8), the wife of the former head of the National Police Force, Inspector General of Police Ferdy Sambo, Putri Candrawathi, who was also named as the suspect, she was. not.

Interestingly, even though she is a suspect, Putri is not wearing the orange clothes of the prisoners. The shape is different and still looks fashionable. Princess Chandrawati’s Gucci bag is a luxury bag.

Putri came wearing a white shirt and colorful trousers. Even his appearance is enhanced with a luxury brown GG Supreme Small Booston Bag from Gucci. The bag has been classified by the world museum as a bag of tens of millions.

Unmitigated price of the bag, refers to the Gucci website, is priced at 863.89 US dollars or approximately Rp. 12.8 million. Currently, on the Luxury Bags page, the Gucci Putri Candrawathi bag is sold at a price of 832.92 pounds, or around Rp. 14.4 million.

Of course the price is amazing, the bag is one of the classic series from Gucci which was released in 1974. The material is canvas and leather with a handle on the top.

Not only brown like the one used by Putri Candrawati, this bag has other colors like black, white, navy blue, etc.

Not only Gucci, many other brands also offer their series of Boston bags. Including Louis Vuitton. Even now, this bag is still loved by many people.

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Tas GUCCI GG Large Boston Bag with StrapPhoto:
Tas GUCCI GG Large Boston Bag with Strap

Lots of luxury bags in Princess clothes

Of course, this bag bag does not stop at Putri Chandrawati’s Gucci bag. There is also a special room in Sambo’s house that is used as a place to reconstruct the murder.

The room was luxurious and allegedly contained a collection of luxury bags belonging to Princess Candrawati. The room is a hallway with two white painted glass windows facing each other.

In one of the boxes in the room, a row of beautiful bags was placed inside. It was not confirmed how many luxury bags were stored.

One of the bags is in the light. The red bag is said to be similar to the Jodie Bag from Bottega Veneta. The price of the Jodie Bag range is also very good, it can even reach tens of millions of rupiah.

Like Putri Chandrawati’s Gucci bag, the Net-A-Porter website, for example, sells the Bottega Veneta Jodie Bag for US$2,500 or about Rp. 31.7 million. Another outlet, My Theresa, sells the Jodie bag for £1,900 or about Rp. 33 million.


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