How many entries in France for Avatar 2?

How many entries in France for Avatar 2?

These are numbers that are good for cinemas: Avatar 2 has surpassed 10 million admissions in France, numbers that have not been reached for some time.

Bring people back to the theaters for an experience avatar 2 knows how to do it. In just 15 days, the film became the biggest hit of 2022 in France and has since improved with over 10 million views. Will he be able to beat the first part with around 14.5 million visitors? Answer in a few weeks!

The film may not do as well as the first in the United States, but it is a real hit and has already grossed more than $515 million at the box office. It’s the same observation at the box office of all time where the film sits at #7 at the moment (the first part is still #1).

Jake Sully and Neytiri have become parents. The action takes place ten years after the events narrated in the original feature film. Her idyllic, nature-loving life is threatened when the Resources Development Administration, a dangerous NGO, returns to Pandora. Forced to leave their natural habitat, Jake and his family head to the reefs where they think they can find sanctuary. But they encounter a clan, the Metkayina, with customs different from theirs…

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