How Does Food Waste Affect the Environment? This is the answer

How Does Food Waste Affect the Environment? This is the answer

1. Waste of Natural Resources

Wasting food is the same as wasting natural resources that are used to produce food. The three main resources used are water, oil and energy. Farming, breeding, and raising poultry and fish require a lot of water and the maintenance process is not easy. When we throw away food, we also throw away water that is used in production. In fact, many people in different parts of the world do not have water.

2. Climate Change

Decomposing food waste creates methane, a greenhouse gas that’s worse than carbon dioxide. Methane produced from food waste will last for 12 years and capture heat from the sun. Launched from the ground up, the International Agricultural Research Council reports that one-third of all human emissions come from food waste.

3. Harm the living creatures

The conversion of forest land to vegetation and agriculture causes damage to many species. Deforestation and land conversion destroys the plants and animals that grow on the forest floor. Even today there are many extinct flora and fauna all over the world. The increase in human population every year leads to an increase in the demand for food. Like it or not, we have to turn forest land into farmland. This process of deforestation leads to loss of forest habitat and has an impact on the extinction of flora and fauna.

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