How do K-pop music shows choose MCs? Industry officials unveil criteria Kpop News

How do K-pop music shows choose MCs? Industry officials unveil criteria Kpop News

Is Popularity the Only Thing Considered When Choosing a K-Pop Music Show MC? In an article, industry officials revealed the factors they must consider when hiring a host.

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How do K-pop music shows choose MCs? Industry representatives reveal criteria

In the K-pop scene, there are currently six well-known Korean music shows that feature idols, including SBS’s “Inkigayo”, KBS’s “Music Bank”, SBS M’s “The Show”, “Show! Music Core” by MBC, “Mnet “M Countdown” and “Show Champion” by MBC Music.

'Music Bank' accused of favoring Soobin & Arin over Wonyoung & Sunhoon

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Soobin and Arin

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In each of the music shows, only selected K-pop idols can direct the show as MCs. Since this is a medium where young idols and actors can show their various charms, potentials and personalities, the position of music show MC is really a coveted position, especially among new celebrities.

The biggest role of MCs in a music show is to greet both viewers and K-pop idols with their beaming smiles, and they have also been responsible for warming up performers in front of their stages. They pretty much carry the mood in every show.

'Music Bank' accused of favoring Soobin & Arin over Wonyoung & Sunhoon

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Wonyoung and Sunghoon

Inkigayo Jin Ji Do

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JinJiDo – GOT7 Jinyoung, BLACKPINK Jisoo, NCT 127 Doyoung

Aside from the notoriety, this position also helps them attract more attention from K-pop enthusiasts, especially from overseas. In the past, many idols and actors have been met by fans about their special stages on YouTube and online communities.

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If MCs have the opportunity, they can also form stronger fandoms with their co-MCs. Some of the most loving couples included BLACKPINK Jisoo, NCT Doyoung and GOT7 Jinyoung, Red Velvet Irene and Park Bogum, Oh My Girl Arin and TXT Soobin, IVE Jang Wonyoung and ENHYPEN Sunghoon and more.

How Were Idols Chosen to Become K-Pop Music Show MCs? Here’s what we know

Show!  music core

(Photo: MBC) NCT Jungwoo, Minju, Lee Know

With its benefits, many K-pop fans want to know how their idols can actually be chosen as MCs and how their fandoms can contribute.

In an article published by Hankook Ilbo, Korean media revealed some criteria that idols must meet to attract the attention of music show executives.


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According to a music show manager:

“We are looking for an MC who can show the color of the program well. The biggest criterion is whether the audience likes it or whether they can easily introduce other singers with fresh and varied charms.”

TXT Yeon Jun

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TXT Yeon Jun

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Currently, TXT Yeonjun héberge pour Inkigayo, like MONSTA X Joohoney & (G)I-DLE Miyeon (M Countdown), LE SSERAFIM Hong Eunchae (Music Bank), Billlie Tsuki, Moon Sua and woo!ah! Nana (Show Champion), NCT Jungwoo, Stray Kids Lee Know (Show! Music Core) and ATEEZ Yeosang, NCT Xiaojun and TEMPEST Hyeongseop (The Show).

Another music show manager said:

“We select them by thoroughly assessing whether they have the right energy to stream music and also considering their hosting capabilities.”


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The directors of both programs stated that the casting criteria for MC and MC Special are the same.

From this, fans can conclude that idols with brilliant energy, hosting skills and various charms suitable for music shows are most likely to be chosen as MCs more than because of their popularity!

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