How BTS Suga’s “Haegeum” MV Making Of unexpectedly got caught up in Kpop News

How BTS Suga’s “Haegeum” MV Making Of unexpectedly got caught up in Kpop News

btsIt is Suga did a live Weverse on April 25th, KST and talked to fans about his solo album D day.

Though Suga is gearing up to take the stage on April 26 and kick off his solo tour, just a day later he took the time to answer fan questions about the album and share behind-the-scenes stories about the making process.

While discussing his title track, “Haegeum,” Suga revealed some of the biggest difficulties he faced filming his music video. ARMYs had already found out that the music video’s scenic location was in Thailand, which Suga confirmed during this livestream.

He also added that he originally planned to shoot the video in Korea. But it was hard to discover new places that viewers hadn’t seen in other K-pop clips. However, there was one suitable spot that he had set his sights on, but before he could finish it, his EMOTIONAL Junior, THE SERAFIMShe had already booked him for one of her music videos. So Suga decided to shoot the clip in a new environment in Thailand.

But filming abroad proved to be quite tricky for the rapper. He admitted that his stamina couldn’t always keep up with the hot climate. He mentioned that the opening scene of the music video where August d stabs a man with chopsticks, it was hard because it was hot and they had to shoot without air conditioning.

It goes without saying that Suga worked very hard on it D dayBut hearing about the practical details involved in the manufacturing process only made fans appreciate it even more!

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Watch the music video for “Haegeum” here: