Hottest Scenes From Each TWICE Member’s MV For New English Song “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE”

Hottest Scenes From Each TWICE Member’s MV For New English Song “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE”

TWICEThe English pre-release track for “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” is finally here and the girls have delivered with a bang! The song was just over three minutes long, but every scene was beautiful and well executed. Above all, it was the members themselves Impressive.Subway

In no particular order, here are all of her best moments from the music video.

1. When Momo made a big entrance

Momo looked like a runway model as she opened the song with her confident walk.

2. When Sana hit the trunk of the car

The way Sana blinked as she patted the suitcase was undeniably sexy.

3. When Nayeon looked at her phone

Nayeon looked cute and seductive as she stared at her phone with a finger to her lips.

4. When Jeongyeon woke up with short hair

Jeongyeon looked stunning with her short hair and all-black outfit Yes, really rude and awesome.

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5. When Dahyun stabbed the cake… with a smile

On the other hand, Dahyun looked dangerous yet elegant as she pierced the cake in front of her. The smile he wore made him even scarier!

6. When Chaeyoung knocked on the phone booth

Chaeyoung’s soft and sweet rapping was so good it deserved to go down in history.

7. When Tzuyu drew a heart

maknae Too pretty for words, Tzuyu answered a phone call, drew a heart on the glass, and stood up with an umbrella.

8. When Mina sat in the driver’s seat

Watching Mina in the driver’s seat as she sings these lyrics, there’s no denying that this is one of her hottest scenes.

9. When Jihyo sang the bridge

Last but not least, Jihyo was sultry while singing the bridge part of the song, which changed the entire mood of the music video.

Every member absolutely killed their scenes! In related news, check out fan reactions to “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE” below.

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