Hotels Give Free Cakes to Birthday Guests, Is It Wrong?

Hotels Give Free Cakes to Birthday Guests, Is It Wrong?

Hotel It will serve guests to feel at home and feel comfortable during their stay. The products offered are also intended to make hotel guests satisfied.

However, there are some hotel policies that not many people know about. One of the most interesting hotel policies is the gift of cake The guest of the hotel who is having a birthday.

To request a cake, you need to notify the hotel after doing so make a depositboth on the hotel site and the app Online Travel Agent (OTA). Usually guests contact the hotel first before check in.

And the most important of these requirements, of course the day you stay in it hotel it must match your birthday.

If the hotel approves your request, they will usually be delivered by the hotel staff small cake to your room as a gift for your birthday.

But, it should be noted, not all hotels implement the concept of giving cakes to birthday guests. “It depends on the hotel. Each hotel has a different policy,” said Director of Communications of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, Aulianty Fellina to

Moreover, usually those who carry out the policy of serving birthday cakes to their birthday guests are only star hotels. So, if you stay at jasmine hotel, don’t expect it to have cake anymore.


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