Hotel slippers can only be used in rooms, here’s why

Hotel slippers can only be used in rooms, here’s why

Time to stay a hotel, you often find slippers in the room. There were many guests wearing them sandal hotel leave the room.

Some may think it’s a normal thing. Perhaps not a few people know that the sandal is actually only allowed to be used in hotel rooms.

However, hospitality expert, Jacob Tomsky, explained why guests should only use hotel slippers in the room. When doing activities outside the hotel room, you should wear your shoes or personal shoes.

“The biggest dirt in the hotel room is the carpet. It is always not washed, but it is almost never washed deeply, because there are people living in the room,” said Jacob, as reported.

He also touched on the possibility that the floor of the hotel room contains dangerous things such as broken glass from previous guests. So it seems that the hotel provides free slippers for guests to use in the room.

Sandal hotel It can also protect the guest’s feet in the room. As summarized from different places, when the shoes are worn outside the room, it is possible that the slippers will get dirty when you return to the room.

This is similar to when we wear used shoes only indoors, while we use other shoes or boots to go out.

In addition, the hotel’s small cylinder is best used so that hotel guests do not get cold when they step on the air-conditioned floor.

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Even outside, wearing shoes hotel doing activities outside the room can be considered impolite.


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