Hollywood writers’ strike: What are the demands?

Hollywood writers’ strike: What are the demands?

In 2007, screenwriters protested streaming platforms, shutting down the industry for 100 days and costing the industry $2 billion


The WGA, which defends 11,000 screenwriters nationwide, is today demanding pay rises “much too weak in view of the massive international reuse” of these programs. Ultimately, screenwriters are demanding a guaranteed number of authors for TV series, an increase in their remuneration, minimum guarantees for stable jobs and a greater share of the profits from streaming, which is still worth millions. Screenwriters’ fixed salaries prevent them from making any money, even if certain series, such as successor or lupineare enormously successful and have been viewed millions of times worldwide.

A vital profession in jeopardy

Without screenwriters, there would be no series or films on our favorite platforms. After failing to reach an agreement with the platforms, the Writers Guild of America had no choice but to carry out its threats. For years, screenwriters have been paid less and less and employed less and less. In particular because of the ever smaller formats of the series and the ever higher wages of employers. A first strike was narrowly avoided in 2017, but this time by the board of the Writers Guild of America “acting under the authority delegated to them by their members, voted unanimously to call a strike” what may 1st

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The platforms fill their pockets!

This Tuesday, May 2nd, pickets formed in front of the studios in New York and Los Angeles to demonstrate. The average screenwriter in Hollywood only works 24 weeks a year, compared to 40 a few years ago. Knowing that half of them only touch $6700 a week. There is obviously a “gap” compared to the billions of dollars being made by the platforms.

The WGA has an endowment fund to support screenwriters estimated at $20 million. However, most episodes of the series were filmed in April, meaning that the impact on the series we see on our screens should be limited as the scripts are written and chosen well in advance of filming. On the other hand, what we can see is the interruption of successful shows, such as late shows, just written before. Most recently, in 2007, screenwriters were able to achieve a salary increase of +3.5%. This time the battle is likely to be tough because studios like Disney are heavily indebted ($45 billion). case follows.

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