HIV/AIDS Also Affects Children, Recognize the Symptoms

HIV/AIDS Also Affects Children, Recognize the Symptoms

HIV/AIDS it is still one of the issues health the biggest in the world.

Not only in adults, HIV/AIDS can occur in groups child. What are the symptoms of HIV in children?

Children who are infected with HIV usually get it from their parents. The virus is transmitted during birth from mother to baby.

Concentrate Today’s Medical NewsInfection with the virus can occur in the womb, childbirth, or breastfeeding.

HIV treatment for children is generally the same as for adults, that is by giving antiretroviral therapy.

However, babies with severe HIV infection are at risk of dying in the first few months.

HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, interfering with the body’s ability to fight infection.

Symptoms of HIV in Children

hiv illustration illustrationExample. There are many symptoms of AIDS in children that need to be known. (iStockphoto/MicroStockHub)

There are several symptoms of HIV in children that are important to know. It varies from mild to severe.

Concentrate A healthy line, the baby may have symptoms first. As the immune system weakens, a baby with HIV may begin to notice other symptoms:

– lack of energy;
– lack of progress;
– high fever and sweat.
frequent diarrhea;
– small lymph nodes;
– repeated or prolonged infection;
– weight loss.

Symptoms of HIV infection vary from child to adolescent. Children and adolescents may have symptoms such as:

– inflammation of the skin;
– headache;
– frequent vaginal yeast infection;
– liver enlargement or inflammation;
– lung diseases;
– kidney problems;
– memory and concentration problems, and
sick or sick.

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