‘Hit the Spot’ Actress Accuses Director of Forcing Her to Film Naked – K-GEN

‘Hit the Spot’ Actress Accuses Director of Forcing Her to Film Naked – K-GEN

An actress from the drama “Hit The Spot” has accused the director of forcing her to film a nude scene.

Hit the Spot is a coupang drama, not recommended for minors, mainly focusing on multiple female characters in search of female pleasure. We also find Hani (EXID) and Woohee (Dal Shabet) in the lead roles.

On February 19, an actress in the drama then made serious allegations against the drama’s director.

Taking to an online platform, the actress, whose name has been withheld, revealed:

“I agreed to shoot in my underwear. But before I shot the scene, the director suddenly asked me to undress to film naked.

The director made it clear to me that if I refused, he would replace me and give my role to someone else.

I didn’t want to undress. It’s not because I was embarrassed by the people on set. That’s because I was worried that I would only be seen as the girl who takes her clothes off, and I didn’t want to be offered just that type of role in the future.

But in a corner of my mind I said to myself, “This is still an important role in a big drama. Do you want to play supporting roles your whole life? “I had ambitions to advance my career. I ended up shooting the scene after signing an agreement that the director explained the content of the scene to me in advance.

In the 40 minute episode that I appear in, I’m only on screen for 4 minutes and spend 2 minutes naked. I haven’t been able to watch the scene a second time since. But the reason I’m doing all this is that while it’s not a NETFLIX mega production, wherever it got only 3 out of 5, this drama is the only thing that matters to me in this world.

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On the other hand, I stress that the people on the set were very professional and the epitome of sweetness and kindness. Everyone took care of me. But then why do I have this feeling? »

Subsequently, the drama’s production team said:

“After checking with the actress, she said she had no regrets filming the nude scene. The actress says she’s surprised by people’s reaction right now because she doesn’t want to imply abuse of power.

While we can’t reveal why we didn’t tell her beforehand that she would be filming the scene nude, it seems the actress had time to think things over before making her decision. »

However, the production team continues to be criticized for not explaining why the actress was not notified in advance.

Netizens also point out that if the director actually threatened to replace the actress if she didn’t agree to film naked, it was an abuse of power.

However, another press release has not yet been published.

Source: moneytoday