Hilarious Reason SinB & ASTRO Moon Bin Will Never Be Involved In Dating Rumors – KpopNews

Hilarious Reason SinB & ASTRO Moon Bin Will Never Be Involved In Dating Rumors – KpopNews

Despite their closeness, people think VIVIZ SinB and ASTRO Moon Bin would never get caught up in a dating rumor for THIS hilarious reason!

(Photo: SinB, Moon Bin (Kpop Wiki))

In the K-pop scene, it’s rare for idols of the opposite sex to form friendships in public because of the mischievous looks of some netizens.
Just a little skinship between them could spark relationship speculation among netizens.

However, among those few stars with close friendships, VIVIZ SinB and ASTRO Moon Bin were representatives of a couple who are unlikely to have been involved in a dating scandal.

On February 22nd, a new video featuring ASTRO Moon Bin & San Ha was released on GQ Korea’s official YouTube channel. That day, the musical duo did an interview where Moon Bin mentioned his friendship with VIVIZ SinB.


Notably, fashion magazine Moon Bins explored broad connections and mentioned SEVENTEEN Seungkwan and SinB as her closest friends.

Regarding Seungkwan, the male idol said:

“Seungkwan left me so many memories. I don’t like going out that much, but I think I’ve been to so many places because of him.”

SinB Moonbin

(Photo: SinB, MoonBin (M Countdown Twitter)

As for SinB, the “Bad Idea” singer has boasted about their roughly 17-year friendship, saying:

“I was so amazed when SinB … Eunbi (SinB’s real name) debuted in GFriend because I’ve known her since I was eight years old.”

In that regard, GQ Korea continued by asking when Moon Bin thinks about his best friends and Seungkwan the most, he said:

“Seungkwan…I can’t think of anything, but if I suddenly want to see him, maybe when it’s raining?”

ASTRO Jinjin Cha Eun-woo Moon Bin Yoon San-ha re-signs with Fantagio Entertainment

(Photo: Moon Bin (Astro Twitter)

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VIVIZ SinB Prism Beam

(Photo: Twitter: @VIVIZ_official)

It was meant to be a heartwarming question, highlighting Moon Bin’s warm friendship with the two, but the male idol hilariously joked about SinB, saying:

“When would I like to see Eunbi (real name)?” I don’t really miss her.

San Ha, hearing this, immediately commented:

“They are real friends indeed.”

VIVIZ SinB reacts wildly to Moon Bin and proves they really can’t date

Given their close and rare friendship of nearly two decades, it’s no surprise that some K-Netz doubt their true relationship.

ASTRO Moon Bin

(Photo: Instagram: @moon_ko_ng)
ASTRO Moon Bin

However, AROHA (ASTRO fandom) and Na.V (VIVIZ fandom) firmly believe that it wouldn’t be the case, as their constant bickering makes them more likely to become siblings than lovers.

In fact, after the Moon Bin interview, a fan of the female idol went to SNS to let SinB know that the male idol mentioned her.

“Moon Bin chose Eunbi as (one of) his best friends but he said he doesn’t miss her. What does SinB think?

Mnet producers

(Photo: SinB (News1))

Reading this, SinB replied wildly:

“Ah, I saw that, haha. I really don’t miss him anymore. Why put the word “lack” next to it?”

We really want to see more friendships like Moon Bin and SinB in K-Pop!

SinB Moonbin Chanwoo

(Photo: Moon Bin, Chanwoo, SinB (Twitter)

Meanwhile, both born in 1998, the two idols have known each other since they were 8 years old, having worked as child models and actors before their Idol debuts. They also worked with iKON Chanwoo.

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