HIGHLIGHT Lee Gikwang Returns as Solo Artist This Month – Kpopnews

HIGHLIGHT Lee Gikwang Returns as Solo Artist This Month – Kpopnews

After a 4 year hiatus, HIGHLIGHT Lee Gikwang is finally coming back!

Read on for more details.

HIGHLIGHT Lee Gikwang will be back with a new solo album this month

On March 10, Lee Gikwang is gearing up for a solo comeback next month, according to sources confirmed by HIGHLIGHT management company Around US Entertainment. The agency encouraged fans to show their support for her solo comeback.

“Please look forward to his solo album, which will capture Lee Gikwang’s strengths as well as new charms,” ​​the agency said.


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Lee Gikwang will return in mid-April. This is his first performance in 4 years after the release of his first mini album ‘One’ in 2017 and the releases of ‘I’ and ‘Smile and Greet’, two digital singles, the following year.

With its smooth choreography, unique groove, expressiveness and trending taste in many content including the highlight scene, Lee Gikwang is always praised.

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With his forthcoming solo album, there are more expectations for Lee Gikwang to showcase his skills in his live performances.

HIGHLIGHT Lee Gikwang As songwriter, producer and more

Lee Gikwang is known as a singer-songwriter, producer and actor. The fourth mini album After Sunset and the first full album Daydream are just some of the different albums that Lee Gikwang has produced and sung.

Several albums released after HIGHLIGHT’s military service also feature several songs he wrote individually.


(Photo: @09_highlight)

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During his rookie years, Lee Gikwang also appeared in various music videos, including Apink’s “I Don’t Know” and K.Will’s “Present,” and he also hosted music shows like “Inkigayo.” He also made his acting debut with MBC’s “High Kick Through the Roof” in 2009 and has appeared in various dramas and comedies, including “My Princess” (2011) and “Mrs. Policeman” (2015).

What’s new in HIGHLIGHT, Lee Gikwang in this 2023

The group Lee Gikwang was a part of was formerly known as BEAST, which debuted in 2009 under CUBE Entertainment. The group originally consisted of 6 members including Jang Hyun Seung who decided to leave in 2016 and Yong Jun Hyung who left in 2019.

The group continues as a group of 4 members. After signing with CUBE Entertainment, they decided to start their own independent company Around Us Entertainment and changed their name to HIGHLIGHT.


(Photo: Twitter highlight)

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HIGHLIGHT now continues as a group of 4: Yoo Doo Joon, Yoo Yang Seob, Son Dong Woon and Lee Gikwang. The group’s albums have appeared on several charts, including the World Albums Chart, where last year’s highlight peaked at number 9.

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Hits like “Beautiful Night” and “Shadow” also propelled the group onto Billboard’s Best of K-Pop lists in 2012 and 2013, while “Good Luck” debuted at No. 1 in 2014.

Lee Gikwang currently appears as a DJ on KBS Cool FM’s Lee Gi Kwang’s Song Plaza and as a judge on JTBC’s survival entertainment program Peak Time. The JTBC program continues with other artists serving as judges and mentors including Jay Park, Girls’ Generation Tiffany and INFINITE Sunggyu.

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