“He’s the legendary cheating singer” • Kpopnews

“He’s the legendary cheating singer” • Kpopnews

PENTAGON Hui caught netizens’ attention by attending award ceremonies during preparations for Boys Planet, Mnet’s new survival program.

Here’s what people are saying.

PENTAGON Hui has been criticized for receiving more credit than the “Boys Planet” trainees

On March 1, netizens recalled that PENTAGON Hui attends awards ceremonies amid “Boys Planet” arrangements.

(Photo: Hui Boys Planet Profile Photo (Idol Edition))

Netizens shared an Edaily article dated December 6, 2022, which said 98 Boys Planet contestants entered their training camp to prepare. He also mentioned that the trainees started filming at their home in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

Meanwhile, netizens remembered another coincidence. On December 13, 2022, Hui performed with PENTAGON at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards.


Netizens explained that Boys Planet is a program where popularity is the key to garnering votes, and Hui’s appearance at major events has given him a head start in terms of recognition.

They also noted his approach as “problematic” as his popularity is now established compared to the other “Boys Planet” trainees.

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(Photo: Twitter: @pics_pentagon)

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They were still so frustrated that Hui joined the survival show. Netizens have clarified that PENTAGON is a group capable of sustaining a strong following sufficient to lead them to recognition.

Since Hui is a Boys Planet intern and a member of PENTAGON, netizens pointed out that the idol can return to his original group at any time.

 PENTAGON Hui has been criticized for attending awards ceremonies during preparations for it

(Photo: Panchoa)

Netizens also called out Hui for wearing PENTAGON earbuds during her “Love Me Right” performance on “Boys Planet.” Aside from her performance, netizens commented on how unfair it was for Hui to “steal” someone’s spot on the show.

Read their comments below:

“It’s a show where the votes are based on your popularity. He had the opportunity to be recognized more than the others. Don’t you find that problematic?”

“It’s also not like his band was a flop. He has a place to go back to, so I don’t see why he’s even on the show.”

“More importantly, he wore in-ear headphones from a Pentagon fandom on the Boys Planet stages.”

“What does he think ‘Boys Planet’ is about? He’s the legendary cheating singer.”

“Even for the ’02 and ’03 it’s almost too late to start. Imagine a ’93 coming up here and stealing someone’s seat.”

“Seriously, so is he. He doesn’t even think about leaving his existing group while stealing a youngster’s place.”

Why did PENTAGON Hui join “Boys Planet” as a contestant?

On February 9th, PENTAGON explained to Hui why he joined Boys Planet.

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After an incredible performance of BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down,” the idol made it clear that he needed a change of scenery and pointed out how quickly K-pop has become since his discharge from the military.

When Hui returned to the industry, he confessed that many things had changed about PENTAGON and their workflow.

The idol said:

“It was the first time we were rejected so badly. The idea that we were not attractive enough to work together made me very sad.”

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