Heroic Act of Retired Nurse Saves Baby’s Life on Airplane

Heroic Act of Retired Nurse Saves Baby’s Life on Airplane


A retired nurse has been hailed as a hero after saving lives now 3 years old and above airplane Spirit Airlines on Thursday (8/9). He was on standby to help the baby, who stopped breathing on the flight from Pittsburgh to Orlando, USA.

The woman, Tamara Panzino, said she was reading a book while listening to music with headphones, when she heard a flight attendant report that the baby could not breathe.

After hearing an announcement asking if a doctor was on board, Panzino ran to the back of the ship to help.

“[Saat itu] I don’t know what I’m going through,” the retired nurse was quoted as saying. Travel CNN. Tamara Panzino said she was very surprised to see the baby with blue lips.

After asking a few questions, Panzino began his bravery and handed the three-month-old baby to his father. When the father picks up the baby, Panzino starts making movements like shaking the baby’s chest.

Panzino tried to get the baby to respond by pressing him to make him cry or take deep breaths. After performing these efforts, the baby’s color temperature returns to normal and indicates that the baby does not need CPR.

The airline also expressed its gratitude to Panzino, who helped. Spirit Airlines also praised the employees airplane who responded in a violent and quick manner.

“Our flight crews are trained to deal with medical emergencies on board and use multiple resources, including communicating with dedicated medical professionals on the ground, using medical equipment on board, and get help from trusted medical professionals who travel on the planes,” the statement said. The airline said. by a statement.

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Panzino also stated that everything the group needs to respond to such conditions has already been found at the airline. He also confirmed that the baby will be fine. The color temperature returned to normal and the baby’s breathing and heartbeat were heard.


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