Here’s the alleged reason why BLACKPINK Jennie was ‘fired’ as a Soju model

Here’s the alleged reason why BLACKPINK Jennie was ‘fired’ as a Soju model

BLACKPINK’s alleged reason for replacing Jennie with Han So Hee as the Chum Churum model has attracted attention in an online community. In response, BLINKs defended the idol. What happened?

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BLACKPINK Jennie for Chum-Churum Soju

An alleged explanation is circulating in an online community among netizens and K-pop fans as to why Jennie was “fired” as a model from Chum Churum, a popular soju brand, and eventually replaced by Han So Hee.

According to the Post, the main reason was the “drop in sales”.

The quoted statement reads:

“Chum Churum has replaced his role model of (BLACKPINK) Jennie with Han So Hee after more than two years. At first (Chum Churum) tried to reform its image by changing its model to Jennie, but the sales trend gradually declined.

Blackpink Jennie innocent blast with a bottle of soju

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He then compared Jennie’s performance to the brand’s previous models such as Lee Hyori and Bae Suzy, who served as Chum Churum models for five and four years respectively before handing over to member BLACKPINK.

The quoted statement continues:

“It’s unusual that previous models, Lee Hyori and Suzy, have continued to have long-term contracts with[Chum Churum].”

Lee Hyori's Soju Ad

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Lee Hyori’s Soju Ad

Female idols who are iconic models of Soju past and present: Which celebrity would you love to have a drink with?

(Photo: Suzy x Chum Churum)

As a result, readers of the statement were surprised to learn that Jennie has been replaced due to declining sales, as the idol is a member of the largest girl group in the world and is considered an “It Girl” not only in Korea but abroad. .

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Because of this, some netizens then speculated that Jennie would not be suitable to become a soju model, which is one of the most coveted positions among idols and celebrities since it greatly determines a star’s popularity in Korea. .

Blackpink Jennie innocent blast with a bottle of soju

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Malicious commenters then used this statement to badmouth Jennie, claiming it was due to her pictures, controversy and more.

BLINKs defend BLACKPINK Jennie and sort out the issue

As the hateful comments towards Jennie intensified, BLINKs decided to come out to explain the situation.

First, fandom clarified that many mistook the statement for an official position of Chum Churum, when in fact it was only written as the opinion of a Korean media outlet named. Salgonews. Therefore, the article does not reflect the real reason Jennie was replaced by Han So Hee and whether the former was actually fired or whether it was her decision to pass the baton to Han due to her busy schedule.

Second, BLINK’s claims that Chum Churum suffered a drop in sales after Jennie became her role model, contradicted quite the opposite. Since the star became the brand’s model, Chun Churum’s parent company Lotte Chilsung has seen sales increase 14.9% in 2022, citing Jennie’s impact and impact on the overseas market.

Here's the alleged reason why BLACKPINK Jennie was 'fired' as a Soju model - BLINK's React
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(Photo: Jennie (@firstsoju Instagram))

Finally, BLINKs accused the post’s author of causing misinformation and criticized him for trying to create the idol. Fans explained that instead of replacing Han So Hee, Jennie switched to Soonhari Soju, which reports to Chum Churum and focuses on a more global market.

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