Here’s How To Remove Spots On The Skin

Here’s How To Remove Spots On The Skin

Not only acne can leave scars on the skin, too much exposure to the sun, and insect bites can also cause blackheads so that the skin is not smooth. This can definitely lower your confidence.

In addition, overcoming these scars that leave scars is not easy, special care is needed to overcome this one problem. So, what methods can you do to remove the stain? Check out the info below!

1. Apply ointment or cream from the doctor

Here's How To Remove Spots On The rawpixel

First, you have to go to a dermatologist for a consultation, and then the doctor will give you a prescription in the form of a cream that you can apply on the scar. Most of the time, the cream given by this doctor is a silicone ointment or cream that contains hydroquinone.

2. Laser

Here's How To Remove Spots On The

In addition, using the ointment or cream given by the doctor, you can remove the lesion with the laser method. It is believed that this laser can remove various types of lesions, including those that have become black.

3. Dermabrasion

Here's How To Remove Spots On The

Dermabrasion is a technique to remove facial skin using special tools. This dermabrasion procedure can treat a variety of skin problems, such as dark spots, dark spots, scars due to surgery or injury, removing tattoos, and treating uneven skin tone.

Although dermabrasion is available in many beauty clinics, this procedure must be performed by a qualified dermatologist.

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4. Needles

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Additionally, the dermatologist will usually offer another option, namely corticosteroid injections. This option is usually offered if you have a protruding wound. This procedure is done by injecting the drug into the affected skin.

However, for the greatest effect, a single corticosteroid injection is not enough.

5. Benefits of Vitamin E

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In addition to special care, you can take vitamin E to treat those spots that have not gone away. You need to know that vitamin E can get rid of scars in a short period of time.