Here’s How to Play the Buzz Test, Test This Viral on TikTok

Here’s How to Play the Buzz Test, Test This Viral on TikTok

For people who have a partner, of course this test can be fun when spending time together. But remember that this test is just for fun, don’t let this test cause conflict between couples because the results are not as expected. Submitted from, here’s how to do the bucin test using Google Form:

1. The first step is to get Google Form link the test. link These can be found from the TikTok homepage or by using your own Google Form website.

2. If you have link-The next step is to open link through explorer they are available on their phones.

3. After opening link Gkind of form in the past, the couple will be taken to another structure online which contains 10 questions about romantic relationships.

4. The fourth step is to answer the multiple choice questions that are included in the application form. Answer the questions honestly so that the results obtained are consistent with the nature of the relationship in life.

5. If all questions are completed, the next step is to click the “Send” button below the last question.

6. After that. Google Form It will calculate the direct response score of the test. If you get points, you can immediately discreenshot and show the results on their social media pages. Have a good game!

Author: Frida Anggi Pratasya

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