Here’s How To Make Your Hair Shine

Here’s How To Make Your Hair Shine

Having healthy and shiny hair is everyone’s dream, especially women. There are many ways you can do to get this shiny hair, one of them is to do special treatments in the salon.

But, you don’t need to worry because there is an easy way that you can apply at home, you know! Want to know how? Check out the info below!

1. Use clarifying shampoo once every week

Here's How To Make Your Hair Shinehair

First use clarifying shampoo once every week. As more information, clarifying shampoo It is a shampoo that is specially designed to clean the hair from various chemicals that stick to the head.

Clarifying shampoo This is used to make your hair healthy again.

2. Rinse hair with cold water

Here's How To Make Your Hair

After that, use cold water when bathing. It is believed that cold water closes the hair follicles, this makes your hair shiny. Not only this, if you wash your hair using cold water, it makes your hair smooth, soft, and avoids falling.

3. Eating healthy food

Here's How To Make Your Hair

To get shiny hair, external care alone is not enough. Eating foods high in fat, blueberries, nuts, eggs, and spinach are known to lighten hair.

In order for your hair to be healthy, take things that are useful for hair health, such as fish oil. It is believed that fish oil reduces hair loss in women.

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4. Use a variety of hair products

Here's How To Make Your Hair Sikkema

Then, use a variety of hair care products such as vitamins, serums, masks, and active hair oils to keep your hair shiny. You can choose hair care products that contain aloe vera, celery, and olive oil.

5. Avoid placing equipment style a lot of hair

Here's How To Make Your Hair

Did you know that one of the causes of snow is because you often use tools? style hairdressers and hair dryers. Therefore, use the tool only when necessary.

Well, there are more tips for you that cannot be separated from the tool style this hair! When using a hair straightener, set the heat to a low temperature so that the potential for hair damage is also reduced.

Then, when using the dryer, try not to touch your hair.

6. Use air conditioning the hair that suits the hair type

Here's How To Make Your Hair ShineShutterstock/puhhh

Benefit air conditioning Hair is also one of the keys to having shiny hair. However, to get maximum results, use air conditioning according to your hair type.

If you have dry and thick hair then use it air conditioning that surgical. But for hair that is classified as good, avoid using it air conditioning thick hair, because it can make your hair thicker.

7. Avoid rinsing with warm water

Here's How To Make Your Hair

If you rinse with warm water, your hair may become tangled. Not only that, warm water can make your hair easily break and dry, and the scalp feels itchy.

Come on, start using these seven ways to keep your hair healthy and shiny!

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