Here’s How to Get Glazed Donut Skin a la Hailey Bieber

Here’s How to Get Glazed Donut Skin a la Hailey Bieber

Bela, you know what’s going on glazed donut skin? Yes, this trend that Hailey Bieber is famous for has caught the attention of the public, especially women who want their skin to look beautiful. The reason is, this one condition can make your face look like this bright.

Later, glazed donut skin and it’s okay. Because, this mode focuses on empowerment skin barrier. When skin barrier– you are strong, the skin will be healthier and moist, so you do not have dry and dry skin.

Then, how to get it glazed donut skin like Hailey Bieber? Here’s an explanation.

1. Do it two purifications


According to EditorialThe first step you can take is to use it two purifications. Yes, before applying the face wash, you can wash your face with something related to oil, like the purifying one or cleansing balm.

It doesn’t stop there, you can use a mild face wash on the skin, to get it glazed donut skin The pH of the skin must be balanced so that the skin does not dry out.

2. Apply a lotion that can moisturize the skin

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After that, you can apply a lotion that can make the skin soft. Choose medicine with ingredients hyaluronic acid same to you niacinamide.

You can also apply the serum when your face is slightly wet. This method is believed to make your skin moist. Then, gently pat your face so that the product you are applying covers it well.

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3. Take care of your sensitive skin

Here's How to Get Glazed Donut Skin a la Hailey

If your skin has acne, you can start treating it by applying anti-acne products, such as vitamin C, retinol, and other active ingredients.

However, because the active ingredients have a chance to irritate the skin, then choose one skin care which contains active ingredients in small designs.

4. Try to make art slugging

Here's How to Get Glazed Donut Skin a la Hailey

Slugging is the process of applying concealer products to the skin. This technique is generally done before going to sleep slugging It is believed that this can moisturize the skin.

This formula is safe for those of you who have skin problems like eczema and are prone to irritation, so you don’t need to worry. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid this technique.

5. Don’t forget to take care of your lips

Here's How to Get Glazed Donut Skin a la Hailey

When you want to make a profit glazed donut skin like Hailey Bieber, it’s not just your skin that needs attention. Taking care of your lips is also a step you should not skip.

To make the lips look plump surgicalyou can apply lip mask Before going to bed, use lip balm in the morning.