Here are the 50 best songs of last year in South Korea – Kpopnews

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Here are the 50 best songs of last year in South Korea – Kpopnews

II melon The music chart is one of the best ways to see which songs are trending among the South Korean population at any given time. The charts recently revealed the best country songs for all of 2022! While there are a few K-pop songs on the list, there are also many songs that aren’t “mainstream” and even some by western artists. Here are the 50 best songs in South Korea for 2022 according to MelOn’s annual list!

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50. “This is Hilarious” directed by Charlie Puth

49. “Silly Love” by MSG Wannabe

48. “Our Blues” by Lim Youngwoong

47. “Permission to Dance” by BTS

46. ​​”Hold My Hand” by IU

45. “Ohayo ma nuit” by D-Hack & PATEKO

44. “Trust Me” by Lim Youngwoong

43. “When It Snows” by Lee Mujin (with Heize)

42. “Every Day, Every Moment” by Paul Kim

41. “Counting the Stars” by BE’O (ft. Beenzino)

40. “New Thing” by Zico

39. Shining Star by Kyoungseo

38. “I’ll Always Love You” by Kassy

37. “Pink Poison” by BLACKPINK

36. “Butter” by BTS


34. “Weekend” the Taeyeon

33. “Emoji” by Choi Yena

32. “I Missed You” by WSG Wannabe

31. “Dynamite” by BTS

30. “Thinking of You” by Joosiq

29. “Would you like to hear?” by MSG wannabes

28. “Without Me” by Juho

27. “Every Moment of You” by Sung Sikyung

26. “Strawberry Moon” par IU

25. “Drama” by IU

24. “Limousine” by BE’O (with Mino)

23. “Next Level” by aespa

22. “LOVE ME” by BE’O

21. “At That Time” by WSG Wannabe

20. “Chermone X” by Kyoungseo

19. “After LIKE” by IVE

18. “Look Out” by NewJeans

17. “Ganadara” by Jay Park (with IU)

16. “Hype Boy” by NewJeans

15. “Feel My Rhythm” by Red Velvet

14. That Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber’s “Stay.”

13. “Merry-Go-Round” by Sokodomo (ft. Zion. T & Wonstein)

12. Taeyeon’s “INVU”

11. “Traffic Light” by Lee Mujin

10. “Beyond Love” by Big Naughty (ft. 10CM)

9. PSY’s “That That” (featuring Suga)

8. “If You Call My Name With Love” by Gyeongseo Yeji and Jun Gunho

7. “Still Life” by BIGBANG

6. “Eleven” by IVE

5. “Love Always Runs Away” by Lim Youngwoong

4. “Love Maybe” by MeloMance

3. “Drunk Confession” by Kim Minseok

2. “TOMBOY” by (G)I-DLE

1. IVE’s “Love Dive.”

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