Here are the 5 worst foods that can develop cellulite

Here are the 5 worst foods that can develop cellulite

Subcutaneous fat deposits, cellulite cling to different parts of the body, mainly thighs, hips and buttocks.

In addition to hormonal factors, the appearance of cellulite can be related to a sedentary lifestyle, dehydration, smoking, but also to diet.

The cold cuts

On the list of foods that promote the appearance of orange peel skin, we find above all cold cuts, but also all products rich in salt such as cheese, industrial dishes or even aperitif biscuits. Consumed in excess, this spice can actually cause poor venous circulation and water retention, one of the predominant factors of cellulite. For adults, the WHO recommends consuming less than 5 grams (slightly less than a teaspoon) of salt per day.

White bread

Foods made from white flour – which contains refined carbohydrates – such as white bread, sandwich bread and white rice have a high glycemic index and thus lead to the development of cellulite. You should know that the higher the sugar level, the more insulin our pancreas secretes to lower it. However, insulin is the hormone that promotes the storage of fat in adipocytes (fat cells). To limit the formation of pits (fatty deposits in tissues), it is better to opt for products based on whole grain flour.

sweets and other sweets

Another cellulite best friend: candies, candy bars, cookies, pastries, jams, and other sweet treats that also raise blood sugar levels significantly. Once in the body, the sugars found in large amounts in these foods are quickly converted into lipids (fats) and stored under the skin. To prevent cellulite from appearing and preventing it from getting worse, focus on naturally sweet foods such as fruit and especially pineapple, red fruit and kiwi.

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The alcohol

In the drinks department we find alcohol. And for good reason, apart from not containing any nutrients, it dehydrates the body. To compensate, the body then tends to store water. It is therefore important to drink enough water after consuming alcoholic beverages. In addition, in high doses, it promotes the accumulation of fat in the cells, which contributes to the formation of cellulite. Note that drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day allows the body to flush out stored waste and thus fight cellulite.

whole milk

Finally, it is recommended to avoid whole milk because of its high lipid content (36 g lipids per liter) and particularly high-fat dairy products such as cream and butter. To combat dander, favor lean meats and put vegetables on your plate that are rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin C. The latter actually increases the production of collagen, an essential protein that gives skin its elasticity.