Here are the 10+ K-pop songs that topped the charts in 2013, according to Kpop News

Here are the 10+ K-pop songs that topped the charts in 2013, according to Kpop News

While the third generation of talented K-pop artists emerged in 2013, many first- and second-generation stars still dominated the music charts. Many of the songs are still loved a decade later, proving their lasting impact on K-pop.

Discover the best K-Pop songs of each month in 2013 Gaon Monthly digital chart!

1st generation of girls

Girls Generation “I have a boy” concept photo | little entertainment

Topped the music charts in January with over 10 million streams Girls Generationthe revolutionary hit “I Got A Boy”. With the genre track, the band tried out a whole new sound and left a lasting impression.

In 2019, it was named by “Song That Defined the Decade”. billboard.



SISTAR subgroup, Hyolyn (left) and Bora (right) by SISTAR19 | spaceship entertainment

After the release of her hit song “Ma Boy” in 2011 SISTARsubgroup of SISTAR19 Her first hit was followed by another hit single, “Gone Not Around Any Longer.”

The song topped the music charts in February with over 11.5 million streams.


3. Davichi

Davichi’s Kang Minkyung (left) and Lee Haeri (right) | Basic Content Media

In March, OST queens Davichi released their mid-tempo ballad “Turtle” and topped the charts with their incredible vocals and light, upbeat spring song.

“Turtle” has been streamed over 10.2 million times.

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4. PSI

Brown Eyed Girl’s Ga In and PSY in MV “Gentleman” | YG entertainment

After the mega hit of his song “Gangnam Style”, which topped the global charts, PSI used his fun, catchy, comedic style again for his 2013 hit “Gentleman.”

Like her famous “Gangnam Style” co-star HyunAPSY recruited brown-eyed girls Earn to play with him in his music video.

The song was streamed over 14 million times and was the highest-grossing single of 2013.



4MINUTE in the Age of What’s Your Name | CUBE entertainment

4 MINUTES returned with their signature style, posting “What’s Your Name?” which quickly got stuck in the minds of the fans.

The fun, dance-ready song topped the May charts with over 14.5 million streams.



(L to R) Soyu, Bora, Hyolyn and Dasom from SISTAR | spaceship entertainment

SISTAR “Summer Queens” are back with another summer hit with a red mill “Give it to me” theme.

The song showcased her amazing vocals and the choreography quickly had fans dancing.

The song topped the June charts with over 11.3 million streams.


7. Dynamic Duo (with UV Muzie)

Choiza (left) and Gaeko (right) from Dynamic Duo | Amibe culture

veteran hip hop duo, Dynamic duoreleased their seventh album to a star-studded roster of featured artists.

They teamed up with for their track “BAAAM”. UVIt is light up and together they topped the July charts with over 13.2 million streams.


8th St.E

Saint E

rapper Saint E Gauke JYP entertainment to join in 2013 new music. He releases his new album under his new label “Not” is based on a true story.

“Story Of Someone I Know” was San E Digital Gaon Cardswith over 13.1 million streams in August.


9. Yoon Mirae

Yoon Mirae

Legendary rapper and singer Yoon Mirae (also known as blemish) released “Touch Love” for the The sun of the master OST de 2013.

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The emotional pop ballad achieved over 15.5 million streams in September.


10. User Interface

IU at the time of The Red Shoes

user interface released his box office hit “The Red Shoes” following the success of his song “Peach” in 2012.

The upbeat, jazzy song had over 13.7 million streams and topped the October charts.


11. G-Dragon by Jung Hyung Don and BIGBANG

G-Dragon (left) and Jung Hyung Don

comedian and entertainer Jung Hyung Donetc BIG BANGIt is G dragon teamed up to release “Going To Try”. CMBIt is Infinity Challenge Freedom Road Music Festival 2013.

The song was a hit and topped the November charts with over 13.4 million streams.


12. SEO in Guk & Zia

This is from Guk


This is from Guk etc zia have teamed up for their soulful duet “Loved You” and showcase their incredible singing talents on the hit track.

“Loved You” topped the December charts with over 12.3 million streams.