Here are 7 male idols who can pull off the chic long hairstyle with ease. • Kpop News

Here are 7 male idols who can pull off the chic long hairstyle with ease. • Kpop News

As K-pop idols, there are many types of outfits, hairstyles, and makeup that can be worn for specific concepts and styles. But for male idol groups, the effortless long hairstyle is pretty hard to digest. However, these male idols have completely taken the long hair look by storm!

1. Jeonghan de SEVENTEEN

Regardless of color, length, or tied back or not, jeonghan is literally the standard for long hair.

2. Felix from Stray Kids

With his long hair, Felix can exude very different vibes from cute to sexy!

3. Beomgyu by TXT

TXT’s Beomgyu exudes big retro teen vibes with her long locks!

4. Hwiyoung from SF9

Hwiyoung pulls off this effortlessly chic look every time she rocks her long, gorgeous locks.

5. Park Jihoon

Our little wink isn’t so little anymore! After letting her hair grow out, she showed off a more sophisticated and whimsical style.

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6. Clean the nose

Long-time K-pop fans will remember Ren’s iconic long hairstyle that made people cringe.

7. Hyungwon from MONSTA X

The duality that Hyungwon brings with his long hair is dangerous! (in the right direction).

Netizens also agreed that these images were on another level.

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  • “Jeonghan is so beautiful.”
  • “Wow, Jeonghan is legendary.”
  • “Felix is ​​a real fairy…”
  • “You are all so beautiful and beautiful.”
  • “I was thinking of Ren before I clicked on this post.”
  • “Felix looks like a cartoon character.”

Though different, each idol brings their own unique style and look through their long hairstyle. Can you think of anyone else who should be added to the list?