Heartbreak Novel Review, Ika Natassa

Heartbreak Novel Review, Ika Natassa

Title: Heart Motel

Author: Ika Natassa

Third edition: May 2022

Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama

In a life that never ceases to keep secrets and hide meanings, does not always provide an answer to every question, with the passage of time – an hour, a moment, a day, a week, a month – new questions and problems arise. before being. He was born before the old men settled. , Ava found her calling as an actress at the age of sixteen. Moving from one position to another—some by her choosing, some by her choosing—Ava tries to understand everything she doesn’t understand about destiny. He didn’t care, every time he finished his work, he had to be alone, he went ahead to recover in a place called Heartbreak Motel.

On his thirtieth birthday, from this point on, new questions came with him, presented by three people and the deception of his past, present, and future life.


“Foreign places have their own comforting powers. Maybe it’s because there you can be whoever you want, or maybe it’s because there’s nothing to freeze old memories you don’t need to remember.”

“Many times in my life, being alone is not an option but a necessity.”

“Time is just the universe, the events in it that make us know, and perhaps, understand, understand, or even hate.”

“I will be the hero in my story. Aku mau jadi protagonist dalam hidupku sendiri. I will stop taking my life as a tragedy, because it is not.”

“My age is increasing, my naivety is decreasing, there are things that I have started to understand in my mind which is not like a child. Growing up does not change the truth, it only reveals the things that exist but I avoid my knowledge. and regret.”

“Life doesn’t wait for you to heal. Time doesn’t stop rolling while you’re in pain.”

Not many people trust Ava very much. Thankfully he has Lara, his constant companion and source of strength in his life. Even Lara was the first person to understand Ava’s heart.

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Self-control is not easy for Ava. When her private life is stolen and various things about her become the subject of gossip on social media, Ava must be able to cope with it with strength. Even after being humiliated, Ava took a long time to make up her mind.

Ava’s character also represents many women’s deep feelings about life’s success and self-awareness. There is a feeling of frustration, anger, and resentment when selfishness is seen only from “the position of being in a relationship with someone”. In fact, a woman is considered only on the status of her relationship with a man, not on the achievements she has achieved through a long struggle.

Reading books Heart Motel, We can also find more interesting things about the world of animation and various technical issues related to the filmmaking process. We can see the whole world of the movie and the life of the actor from the daily life and life of Ava. And there are many points about living life without too much stress from thinking about risk, reward, and mitigation.

It takes perspective to follow the story line going forward. There is a return period that is said in the present, and it makes the reader need a little pause to be able to reconnect with the current program.

What is interesting about this novel is the stories that present the thoughts of the meaning of life, loneliness, travel, and relationships. The use of good vocabulary in this story also makes for an unforgettable reading experience.

The struggle of being able to love and be loved, to accept and be accepted, is not always easy. Heart Motel presents a story that represents the concerns of women who struggle to stand tall through life’s twists and turns and brings a smile when we finish reading it.

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